We are living in an age that perception is a “reality” of life not just on communication sense, also on personal basis. In this new order where information and news spread very quickly, you must both undersign precious works and tell the world about values that you have produced. You should produce genuine stories that match with your aims and your identity and share them with your potential business partners.

The Ministry of Trade of the Turkish Republic and Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), which is active within it, are taking concrete steps for many years in order to reinforce the country's economic value on the global arena. Now this reality has strengthened the communication management side of them with the establishment of Turkey Promotion Group (TPG), of which the main mission is to tell the world the story of Turkey.

TPG has been established within TİM's structure with the lead of The Ministry of Trade in order to be in service for promoting Turkey's economy, investment climate, export potential, production skills and advancing the worldwide perception of Turkey's goods and services, which are the concrete outputs of Turkey's economic potential.

The fundamental mission of the Group is defined as to enhance the reputation of Turkey's economy at any platform. Establishing an economic prestige is a multifaceted action varying from product promotion to export potential, from the high quality production power to the contribution of the country to the civilization and lifestyle. TPG, with a holistic approach, aims to tell the world Turkey's story and its contribution to universal society.

The main activities to be undertaken by the TPG are as follows:

  1. With the aim of supporting the economic activities of Turkey, carry out comprehensive communication campaigns from fair events to TV commercials, from digital campaigns to branding meetings, especially in target countries but globally and under the country brand of “Tukey, Discover The Potential”.
  2. Evaluation and support of the communication projects aiming at global promotion of sectors.
  3. Ensuring the widespread use of Turkey brand in the communication activities of all relevant stakeholders and managing and auditing for the use of corporate identity.
  4. Making cooperation with different institutions and organizations for the promotion of Turkey's economy.

While aiming the whole world, TPG's advertising and communication projects focus on 9 target countries (USA, UK, China, Germany, France, Italy, India, Mexico and Russia), which have strategic priorities for Turkey. These projects are aimed at raising the perception of our goods and services worldwide, which are concrete outputs of our potential.

TPG has put Turkey Discover The Potential (TDP) project, which is used as a main message in Turkey's international economic activities for over 3 years, at the center of all of its actions. TPG, targeting a steady and sustained communication with its common message and visual identity of TDP, is planning to strengthen the country image by applying modern brand management principals and bringing the perception of the Turkish economy to its well-deserved upper level with the coordination of the Ministry of Trade.

In the near future, it is aimed by TPG to realize new projects under the roof of TDP, in Asia Pacific, Africa and South America besides the target countries where communication campaigns are still carried out.

By its all strategical and creative activities, TPG idealizes the future for Turkey as:

Brand products, producers and sectors… A branded economy and the brand Turkey!