Export Figures Hit All Time High in Monthly Basis in March 2018

Export figures continue to give positive backup to Turkish economy in March 2018. According to TİM parameters, exports rose 11,5% comparing to March 2017 with a total amount of 15,1 billion dollars. As a result, March 2018 figures has become the highest in history of Turkish Republic. On the other hand, first time in history, our exports figures has exceeded 15 billion dollars in monthly basis.

TİM chairman Mehmet Büyükeksi announced this months' figures in Oncupınar Border Gate in Kilis, where Kilis is a border city of Turkey to Syria. Mayor of Kilis, Dr. Mehmet Tekinarslan and Deputy Chairman Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu accompanied Mr. Büyükeksi during the announcement. He declared that: “During January – March period, our exports have reached 40,7 billion dollars with a 10,4% increase, while in yearly basis they got close to 160 billion dollars with 10,5% increase. Our aim is to surpass 170 billion dollars in total at the end of this year.”

Value per kilogram has risen

Chairman Buyukeksi explained that “kilogram based exports decreased 7,6% this month while total revenue of exports rose in March. Thus, we exported less amount of good in a better price. I believe that this is the only way to keep up with our middle term goals. So, we'll keep on investing and working on R&D, innovation and designed products to achieve our goals in total exports.”

“On the other hand the change in euro / dollar parity played a positive role with 1,1 billion dollars support in total exports. Parity is relatively high to 2017 and we are expecting and average level around 1,22 in 2018.” Buyukeksi added. 

Automotive Sector Keeps Its First Place Among All Sectors

In sectoral basis, the highest exports made from automotive industry with a 3,1 billion revenue. This resulted a 16,1% growth comparing the same month of 2017. Clothing sector with 1,7 billion dollars became second while chemicals sector became third with 1,6 billion dollars total exports.

The largest percentage increase happened in jewelry sector with a 53,7% increase in March 2018.

Our export revenues increased in 154 countries and regions. Among the top export destinations our exports increased 13,6% to Germany, 19,1% to United Kingdom, 18,1% to Italy, 23,8% to Spain. Exports to USA decreased 1,5% in this month.

When we look at the performances of the individual cities of Turkey, exports of 55 cities boosted in March when we witness a decrease in 26 cities. Export revenues of the top five cities are as following: “Istanbul 6,7 billion dollars, Bursa 1,4 billion dollars, Kocaeli 1,3 billion dollars, İzmir 884 million dollars, and Ankara 654 million dollars.

The largest increase among top 10 exporter cities is in Manisa with 20,6%.