Turkish Exporters Versus Global Economic Outlook

When compared to last year's figures, it is predicted that the world will see moderate economic growth of 3.3% this year and of 3.6% the year after. The report indicates that Donald Trump's plans to levy more tax and to introduce more protective measures will have a contractionary impact on the global economy. Other major factors accounting for pressuring growth rates are as follows: dollar's anticipated rise, the slowdown of the increase in global productivity and of wages, mounting debt stocks, and escalation of political risks around the world.

The report contains sections on Turkey, according to which it is counted among the countries to be affected the most from the rising US dollar. On the other hand, the launch of reform initiatives to foster growth and render inclusion are evaluated positively. Accordingly, increased public investments, focus on R&D, steps taken to improve education will surely have a positive impact on growth and low income.

We, as representatives of Turkish exporters, are fully aware of the possibilities outlined in the OECD report and hence, making our plans accordingly to reach our goals. This month, we have taken a significant step for our exporters under the leadership of the Ministry of Economy. We have launched the project entitled “support for membership to e-commerce websites” with the aim of easing the process of registering in such websites by increasing awareness of e-commerce. Our aim is to see ten thousand Turkish exporters join as new members to e-commerce websites in a very short period. Besides, the Cabinet Decree entitled “Special Passport for Exporters” or “Green Passport” as it is commonly known, went into effect. Pursuant to this Code, distribution of 14.000 special passports to 10.000 companies are being planned. Thus, our exporters will be able to reach many destinations visafree, including EU member states whose share in Turkey's export constitutes nearly half our total export. We regard these two recent developments as highly beneficial to Turkish exports and hence, to Turkish economy.

Moreover, Turkish Exporters Assembly has stepped up its efforts to promote Turkey abroad. Along with the Ministry of Economy and The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) we launched a worldwide campaign to promote Turkey's business environment. Advertisements for this campaign will include the views of foreign CEO's of multinational corporations that operate in Turkey, and provide a clear picture of us from the eyes of the people that has actually seen what is happening in Turkey.

In addition to all these, our endeavours to build Turkish Trade Centres in major cities of the global trade will soon start bearing fruit. We had a soft opening both in Tehran and Dubai this month and soon, we will be opening
our doors in New York and Chicago. 

Before concluding, I would like to touch upon recent political tensions with Germany and Holland. In addition to being important export destinations for our exporters, both countries host a considerable number of Turkish citizens. In view of all efforts to establish the current business ties between Turkey and both countries, our desire it that these incidents will not hamper trade relations. We deem the continuation of strong trade relations between us and these countries to be of importance not only to these three parties involved, but to the whole world.