InnovaLeague: Bulding The Future

InovaLIG, the first innovation development program of Turkey, which the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) has created 4 years ago, started accepting applications on January 25th 2017. All companies, regardless of sectors, can apply to InovaLIG 2017 from until April 30, 2017.


With 761 companies applying to 2016 InovaLIG, Turkey was able to become one of the countries with the highest participation in the IMP3rove program and the champions received the awards at Turkey Innovation Week with the participation of Mr. President of Turkey. With InovaLIG, companies are able to measure innovation competencies and to develop their innovation cultures on an interactive platform. A comprehensive innovation assessment and comparative analysis report is available for free to all companies that have completed the innovation evaluation.


We are delighted to focus on medium and long-term goals and enable them to follow innovation developments over years. With the expanding of innovation management and awareness, everyone from the President to the sector representatives is contributing to InovaLIG and this situation is a source of pride for us by separating our country from other countries.


In this sense, we invite all companies to participate in InovaLIG 2017 on until April 30th, 2017 in order to see the development of the applied companies and for new companies' situations. Turkish Exporters Assembly said, '' We believe that we will do bigger successes together with InovaLIG 2017, and will have much more intensive participation this year. We strongly believe that we will carry our country much more higher in the league of innovation.''


Differences Of InovaLIG From The Projects Abroad


One of these differences is that IMP3rove methodology, which is proven by IMP3rove Academy, will be used in evaluating innovation competencies. It is also the first time that an innovation program has been implemented on such a wide scale and national scale and it is a strong collaboration of TIM and IMP3rove Academy. It is believed that this comprehensive and diverse work will make a significant contribution to bringing innovation to the highest level throughout the country.


Everyone, from the President of the Republic of Turkey to the sector representatives, contributes to this issue in order to create an important step and awareness for the dissemination of innovation management and consciousness. This is an important support factor for the program and has been a decisive factor for other countries. With the number of 460 applications reached in the first year, Turkey has achieved its first year of becoming one of the countries with the highest participation. At the national level, ownership of the work in this way by both public and private sector affiliates has created some impetus for all sectors. In addition to the increase in the number of participants, a considerable diversity has also been achieved in terms of sector and size.


How It Works?


According to the poll, 250 companies with the best evaluation results will pass the first round. The first 10 firms to be selected from each of the 5 categories of innovation management will be entitled to participate in the seminars with a detailed examination of the company reports by the InovaLIG jury. All the semi-finals will be visited. Then, it will be focused on innovation management approaches and their applications to the semi-finals category. The first five companies in each category will be promoted to the finals after the conclusion of the meetings and jury evaluation. In the final phase, the companies will present their presentations to the members of the jury of InovaLIG and the members of the jury will determine the first 3 companies and innovation champions in 5 innovation categories. The champions will be entitled to represent Turkey in the IMP3rove platform in Europe or in the “Best Innovator” competition, according to company size.


What Are The Success Stories Of The Inovalig Program?


As a very striking example, it can be given a story of a company operating in the United Kingdom in the automotive sector, which regularly suffers from changes in supply-demand balance. Special entry analysis, quick gains and road map are prepared for a company that wants to enter a new market segment but does not have the necessary competencies. In the framework of shared outputs, there are basically recommendations on innovation life cycle processes, premature acquisition areas, and the R&D management system. The company internalizes its output and becomes a profitable company through revenue generated from the market segment that it has just entered in a year.

As a similar example, it can be given a story of a company in Italy working in the software industry that complains about reaching a limited market share despite all the struggles. The company, which has been operating in the software sector for 25 years and started life by developing software for airlines, sees that it is necessary to decrease the product development period and cost, and also to improve the quality of the employee while raising the product quality in order to increase the market share. In this direction, the participating firm sees that it receives very low scores on the basis of the initial evaluation and understands that it is necessary to make fundamental changes in its success. After that, a roadmap is created for the firm and the road map specifically covers the creation of the innovation strategy, the exchange of institutional cultures and the management of the innovation cycle. The company enters the process of restructuring under the influence of the program and experiences a technology roadmap that responds to external factors. The company launches a change management program to excavate innovation into its DNA, renews the entire CRM infrastructure and is passionate about AGILE methodology in R&D. As a result of the steps, the company increases its existing domestic market share to 1,5 times within the next 2 years, while also achieving the exploitation of foreign markets.


In brief, success stories are an example for companies that will participate in Turkey.

Last updated on Friday, April 7, 2017