KeyID, which is supported by TİM-TEB Start-Up Business House, provides high technology products, integration services and consultancy services that will enable its corporate customers to easily adapt their systems to Turkish E-Identity Documents.

The security items of our chip-electronic TC identities, which are distributed throughout the country this year, are electronically verifiable and can not be copied. In order to prevent fraudulent ID operations, the systems must be updated to enable electronic identity card verification. KeyID is one of the rare companies that can offer products and consulting services in this field.

KeyID, which is supported by TİM-TEB Start-Up Business House, is a technology company esatablished by the engineers who left the team developing the electronic system of TC E-Identity Documents in TÜBİTAK UEKAE (National Electronics and Cryptology Research Institute) in cooperation with TİM and TEB. The aim of the company is provide value added product exports in export. KeyID, which was established in 2014, has been awarded many valuable R&D projects with TÜBİTAK R&D support and TEB Start-Up Business House support. At the same time, it has developed its card-based projects (for example carded physical access control or virtual environments card access control systems).

Increased Productivity

Seda Polat Erdeniz, the founder of KeyID, said that the unlimited support that KeyID received from TIM-TEB Start-Up Business House until the present day has not decreased at all but increased. On the other hand, "Possibility of office usage in different locations of Istanbul provided by TIM-TEB Start-Up Business House is increased the productivity of their employees by facilitating their office use and therefore their lives. In addition, TIM-TEB Start-Up Business House's marketing consultancy and customer network support provided invaluable benefits for KeyID."

It Confirms The İdentity Of Many Countries

Erdeniz, who stated that he provided high technology products, integration services and consultancy to KeyID's corporate customers to enable them to easily adapt their systems to TC E-Identity Documents and continues:

"The products that KeyID produces with purely domestic resources are products that are sold by foreign companies at very high prices. Therefore, KeyID is able to produce products that contain high technology and high security features completely in domestic and can provide them to corporate customers in our country market at much cheaper cost.

In addition, thanks to the international standards, it has developed for the development of KeyID products, it is taking steps to present its products abroad as well. For example, KeyID products can be used to authenticate Turkish E-Identity Documents as well as E-Passports issued worldwide (Doc 9303 - Machine Readable Travel Documents - ICAO) and E-Identity Documents of many countries (such as Austria Rot-Weiss-Rot card )."

KeyID, as well as domestic R & D projects, products and customer projects, became a 3-year high budget project firm partnered with the Turkish-Austrian companies in 2017 with the right to receive support from the European Union (EUREKA). Seda Polat Erdeniz, "A brief description of this project can be made as 'Safe IoT in Automotive'. The details of the project are not yet open for sharing but in the coming days we will be able to hear these details from KeyID's own page. In this project, there is a company that sells thousands of buses to the whole world every year, which has an important place in the automotive sector. At the same time, there is a firm that has developed security applets on java-card in the security sector and has got the appletlere Mastercard and VISA certificates that it has developed” she said.