Consultancy Support for Establishment of R & D and Design Center from TIM

The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) started providing consultancy services for its members to establish R & D and Design Center. Following the publication of the Implementation Regulation and the Decree of the Council of Ministers with regards to the promoting of reformatory R & D and Design activities, TIM also started to work. TIM's Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi stated that they are targeting "500 R & D and 500 Design Centers" in " Informative Meeting for R & D and Design Centers" held in TIM Foreign Trade Complex.

Through this service to be provided, R & D and Design Center will make detailed analysis and evaluations among all the members in the first place on the basis of the data, taking into consideration the dynamics of establishment. It is sufficient for the member firms demanding consultancy services to fill in the "R & D and Design Center Qualification Information Form" that can be found on the TIM web page. 

Last updated on Friday, January 20, 2017