75 Brand opportunities in Europe

Most of Europe's brands are in sale which well-known brands or not. There are some fundamental companies between those brands. This is great opportunity to Turkish companies which are trying to entry to new reforms on the process of their brand. In these days, we are coinciding with some news about the Turkish companies which wants to purchase some companies and brands in Europe. Deloitte, arranged a report about the merger and purchasing as Turkish companies in Europe. This report explicitly explained the size of Turkish firms in 2011. Also this report emphasizes the agreements which Turkish companies signed, reached 3 billion dollar. Turkish companies are getting more investments; on the other hand, the perception in Europe is being change. Europe's companies are selling their brands because of the crisis which is still affecting their region. According to the Financial Times, Europe's brands in sale are composing %50 of the world's average. The brands are waiting their owner, which they are taking part in Italy, Greece, Spain, and Ireland especially. At the same time, in Germany have more advantages about purchasing their brands to the other countries. The German companies are composing the biggest part of the 75 brand opportunities. For instance, in the sector of cosmetic, we are coinciding with a German famous company which is the Douglas. Also in the sector of the oil, which is the Bayernoil, is offering some opportunities. The other attractive brands are like; Praktiker, Solon Se which is the company of the solar energy. Europe's brands are in sale, majoring mostly in tourism and retail sectors.

Well-known brands are very attractive!

Doing investment to Europe is better to doing any other region of the world. Cause, Turkish companies provide more chances for being communicated to clients in European countries. The European companies still have strong clients. Furthermore the brands, which are taking part in special consumption and luxurious sectors, are offering more opportunities. According to the report is arranged by KPMG on China's market, which shows the accordance between consumers and country's products. For instance, cosmetic sector points France with %76, clothing sector points France with %37 and Italy with %30. Shoe sector points Italy with %43. Alcohol sector points France with % 35. Generally, the companies and brands, which taking part in Europe, has more advantages especially in the luxurious sector. According to the KPMG report, if the companies purchase or merge, they provide chances to entering to China markets. On the other hand, Turkish companies could increase their profits and opportunities in Europe with their brands, market share and Custom's Union advantages.