Exporters expect 7.28 % growth

TİM announced the results of the survey that analyzed the export performance of the last quarter of 2011 and projections for the first quarter of 2012. The growth expectation for 2012 is 7.28 %. 

The surveys conducted by the Turkish Exporters Assembly for two years and citing projections by exporters from production to employment, currency exchange rates and exports shall be continued in this year. The results of the survey regarding the performances of the last quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012 were disclosed at a press conference at TİM's Foreign Trade Complex on the 10th of February. 

In his evaluation of the survey results, TİM President Mehmet Büyükekşi noticed that export companies had been more prudent in export and production than in the past. However, he was surprised himself by the growth projections of 7.28 % for the end of 2012: 

"My personal expectation is 5 % but the companies that took part in the survey predicted 7.28 %. In last year's survey, we had almost hit the bull's eye with our forecast of 8.6 %. It seems that the growth of 2011 will be 8.3 %. We should not overlook the expectation of growth for this year.” According to the survey, the average number of staff to be employed by a company in 2012 is 9, which adds up to approximately 180,000 new employees by the end of the year. Mr.Büyükekşi called for companies to be more active in hiring R&D employees. Reminding that in 2012 Eximbank will be offering exporters credit opportunities at more favorable conditions than the rest of the market in addition to insurance for export products, Mr.Büyükekşi thought "Our exporting companies ought to make use of these advantages.”