Growing more than anyone else

TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi says, "In spite of the negativities occurring in the EU, our exports to the area in the first 17 days of August increased by 40%. We will realize the general exports we planned 
for 2012 in 2011.” Noting that the poll was conducted before the occurrence of the negative developments in the EU and the reduction of the USA's credit score, Büyükekşi says these developments will not change the results drastically. Exports continued to grow at high rates—namely 40% to Germany, 33% to the UK, 46% to Italy, and 53% to Spain—over the first 17 days of August. Stating that the general exports planned for 2012 will be realized by the end of this year according to these indicators, Büyükekşi reminds that they planned the 2023 exports target according to a annual increase of 12% and in four-year segments, adding, "We are growing more than anyone; this is a great opportunity.”

• For the third quarter, 
43.8% of exporters believe production will grow and 45.4% believe exports will grow.
• While 66.1% of raw materials used by exporters in the second quarter came from local sources, the rate of companies that increased their electrical consumption was 
• The top five countries exporters plan to enter in the third quarter were listed in order as Russia, Iran, the USA, Iraq, and Germany.
• Demand for external financing increased by 7% between the first and second quarters to reach 39%. Private banks were preferred most often.
• Approximately 40% of companies state they will request financing in the third quarter of the year.
• An approximately 50% increase in companies' needs for skilled employees like master workmen and technicians was observed in companies' staffing requirements.
• Exporters invested in modernization and capacity increases in the second quarter 
at rates of 35.5% and 30% respectively. It is stated that in the third quarter, these percentages will be 30% and 
27.5% domestically.
• Exporters expect 
the dollar and euro's rates against the lira 
to fall to 1.66 and 2.34 respectively by the end of the year, for which they also expect growth of 9.13%.
• Around 43% of companies believe industrial prices will rise, and around 48.4% believe agricultural goods prices will do so too.
• Among the primary issues being faced by exporters are energy costs, intermediary material and raw material prices, and tax costs. These have come close to rivaling the biggest issue of all, which is the currency exchange rate.
• Only 6.8% of exporting companies are publicly traded, and just 12.8% plan to issue IPOs within the next three years.