Inventions that couldn't even cross our minds ten years ago have turned into easily accessible products. We read about the success of innovation fromnewspapers or the internet;for example, about a driverless car or smart glasses called Google Glass.The creator of these projects,Google X ‘s founder Prof. Dr. Sebastian Thrun participated in the Turkey Innovation Week organized by Turkey Exporters Assembly and said innovation is about ‘trial-and- error method'.Surviving in the competitive environment of our century and improving the concept of innovation which has become a prerequisite for profitability have been on Turkey Exporters Assembly's agenda for a long time.

For this reason, 8 different R&D technology markets and 17 design competition were held last year.Workshops were performed in 50 disadvantaged primary
schools to train tomorrow'sinnovative leaders.

InovaTIM and teknoTIM's were activated within Turkey Innovation Week event in high schools and universities.30 people who will participate in joint master's program of Yildiz Technical University and the University of Warwick will be given 3 thousand TL each. TIM is preparing to make a big move in order to turn Turkey's potential into value added. Name of the move is: Innova-League.Turkey's first innovation championships.

Anyone can join the competition. Applications have no limit.No application fee,no obstacles for the companies which apply each year.Only point to note is the application deadline which is end of May.

Turkey Exporters Assembly places a great emphasis on Innova-League.Regarding this project,TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi says: "Today, it is believed that be the main problem of Turkey's economy is the current account deficit. As we always say,it is not the current account deficit, it is the innovation deficit.In our opinion, valueadded production and export is the only way to get rid of Turkey's current account deficit.” By pointing out the importance of R&D, innovation,design and branding issues in order to close innovation gap,Büyükekşi added: "In Turkey, we only have the ‘R' of R&D.Innova-League will hopefully reveal the ‘G'.”

With this project,firm's annual innovation reports will be prepared and innovation champions will be determined each year. Firm's innovation capabilities will be revealed on the basis of international criteria.The project will be repeated with the goal of creating a permanent agenda and hopefully become a tradition in the coming years.Prepared as a parallel concept to ‘IMP3rove' implemented in 17 countries in Europe (coordinated by A. T. Kearney),Innova-League's aim is to determine  Turkey's innovation leader.


26 thousand people attended the Turkey Innovation Week held between November,28 to 30 2013. More than 20 thousand people followed the event from event website and TIM TV. More than 500 R&D and design projects were exhibited during the event.54 R&D centers and 16 technoparks got involved in the 3-day event. Nearly 80 companies pre-registered for Inovalig and giants such as Anadolu Group, Arçelik,Borusan, Brisa, ETI, Fiat,Igdaş, ING, Petrol Ofisi,Oyak-Renault, TEB, THY,Tofaş were among them.Companies wishing to participate in Turkey's first innovation championship will complete registration until June and all the 40-item innovation questionnaire. They will receive weekly or monthly noti??cations and training materials and finally attend innovation conferences and trainings. At this stage, steps will be taken to increase the participating companies' innovation capabilities. At the end of the process, 100-page innovation report will be created for each firm. This report will be a benchmarking (comparison report) report for the firms to compare competence with their counterparts in the local and international markets.Firms will compete in five categories (A. T. Kearney will take into consideration in innovation management methodology), which are: Innovation Strategy, Organization and Culture, Innovation Life Cycle Process, Enabling Factors, Innovation Results.In A. T. Kearney innovation management methodology,firms effect their mediumterm growth expansion plans with innovation management competencies.Where would my company go if I don't focus on innovation,what is the proper innovation level that would help me keep my income and product stable, what is the contribution of my current innovation projects, do I have enough innovation projects that allows me to realize my medium and long-term goals are questions that all firms have to evaluate.In addition, this methodology aims to increase innovation efficiency and improve performance, also to have faster profit and continuous improvement.


In the category of Innovation Strategy, strategic priority of vision and mission and the implementation of strategy will be considered. In Organization and Culture category, duties and responsibilities, organizational structure, culture and conditions of organization will be evaluated. In the Lifecycle Process of Innovation category;subjects such as idea management, product, service, business management, organization or process development,launch and continuous improvement will come to the fore. In the Enabling Factors category; project management,human resources and incentives, information processing and information management will be decisive.The final category will be Innovation Results.First 250 companies which have the best score in the overall innovation management evaluation will be eligible to participate in Innova-League.


50 companies selected as the best in five categories of Inovalig will compete in the semi-finals. In September next year,companies will compete with 10-15 minute short presentations this time. 5 companies which has achieved the highest scores in each category will have the chance to be in the finals.After the visits of A. T. Kearney and TIM innovation consultants and joint meetings, 25 finalists will present their innovation projects to the big jury within Innovation Week 2014 and 5 innovative leader firms will be determined at the end of the week. In addition, the first three companies from each category will represent Turkey at "Innovation League European Championship”.