Leading Financial Center of the Region Emerges in Istanbul

The second convention of forum "Istanbul: Regional Center,Global Actor”, organized by Borsa Istanbul with cooperation of Istanbul Financial Center.Initiative was carried out in New York on 22nd April,with international senior level of participation.

In the forum, the first one of which was carried out last year in Washington DC,capital city of USA,Chairman of Board of
Borsa Istanbul Dr. İbrahim Turhan;NASDAQ OMX Group Vice Chairman Meyer Sandy Frucher;Citi Director and Senior Vice President,International Government Affairs,Charles R. Johnston;and BC Partners Managing Partner Nikos Stathopoulos made speeches,under moderating of Chairman of Istanbul Financial Center Initiative (IFC-I) Artunç Kocabalkan.İbrahim Turhan who
mentioned steps taken by Borsa Istanbul in  recent years and objectives,it intends to achieve in the light of current developments
of Turkish Economy,stated that Borsa Istanbul was a public organization,far from being profitable until not too long ago but become a signification cant  global brand.He said that today Istanbul raised to 47th place among global finance centers from its 74th place in 2011.Saying that Istanbul is 8th largest stock exchange in developing countries in terms of annual transaction volume,Turhan emphasized Turkish Economy had a steadily varied economic structure.Also mentioning "4C and 1S” strategy of BorsaI stanbul,
Turhan listed those topics as "Capacity, Connectivity, Competitiveness,Capital and Specialty”.  

In the forum,it was stated that Istanbul is ready to be finance center in the light of great transformation process of Borsa Istanbul.
About this transformation process,NASDAQ OMX Group Vice Chairman Meyer Sandy Frucher said "There is no other stockexchange market,accomplished both horizontal and vertical integration successfully in 1.5 year;this means Borsa Istanbul managed the process well”.He also pointed out that as NASDAQ OMX,they wanted to strengthen the existence of Turkish capital market and its products in international platforms.With those words, he stated that he is hopeful about the cooperation of Borsa Istanbul with NASDAQ OMX: "Together,we will see how we cooperate,provide greater capitaş flow and expand with other partners all over the world”.

With Istanbul Financial Center Project , it is intended to build the infrastructure required for financial product and services,carrying a high development potential.


BC Partners Managing Partner Nikos Stathopoulos, mentioned his thoughts about stability of Turkish economy and its potential to attract  investors,also stated that Turkey is an ideal center to attract foreign investor with its developing and healthy structure: "Turkey has a good demographic structure; a stable taxing and legal system; a well-organized ban king system with high level of capital;and a developed stock exchange market with a high level of transaction volume”.Saying that Turkey will keep its potential with stable exchange rate,longterm and patient capital,Nikos Stathopoulos emphasized that he is sure that international interest to Turkey will increasea and this situation will support economic expansion.