Downgrade would be unfair where democracy and sustainability triumphed

Downgrade would be unfair where democracy and sustainability triumphed


The Republic of Turkey has faced the greatest treason in its history. However, our noble nation replied this treacherous coup attempt with their courageous and sagacious efforts. Democracy triumphed over tyranny; from this day on, not even a single effort that would endanger the stability of the Republic of Turkey will be allowed to sprout.


According to the representatives of Moody's, the inspection regarding Turkey's credit rating will be finalized within 1 to 3 months. By the end of this period, we believe that the failed coup attempt will lose its place in our agenda and once again economy, production and export will be our primary focus. Turkey will maintain its strong economic growth and continue with the economic reforms without delay.


Recently our parliament has passed a bill regarding the improvement of investment climate. In addition to this bill, the government were planning another proposal including export and investment incentives. Nevertheless, due to the tragic events that occurred, this proposal had to be delayed. We have no doubt that this motion will be brought to life by our parliament as soon as possible.


This tragedy will not affect Turkey's path to Vision 2023. Moreover, we firmly believe that there won't be any reason to downgrade Turkey's credit rating. We, the exporters and the entrepreneurs, will continue in our pursuit to increase our exports, investments and production with the support of our government. Therefore, we reckon that any particular downgrade by Moody's or another financial institution would be unnecessary. Furthermore, we would like to kindly remind that, any negative revision would reward this treacherous faction, despite democracy's and stability's triumph.