European Investors  Keep Focus On Turkey

Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) hosted a series of meetings with French and Spanish business communities to keep them focused on investment opportunities in Turkey.

Following the formation of the new Turkish government, Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek made his first visit to Paris. He participated in the OECD Ministerial Meeting and then later met members of the French business community at a business forum organized on June 2nd in collaboration with the Investment Support and Promotion Agency  of Turkey (ISPAT) and MEDEF International, which is the international arm of MEDEF, the largest employer federation of France as well as the voice of France's business community. MEDEF represents more than 750,000 companies. Accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Economy Fatih Metin, Turkey's Ambassador to France Hakkı Akil, and ISPAT Vice President A. İhsan Erdem, Mr. Şimşek gave a brief account of the economic success story of Turkey and updated investors about recent developments in the economy and the investment environment. ISPAT's Erdem also gave a welcoming address to the participants, where he emphasized the complementary nature of Turkish and French businesses. He brought attention to the ample opportunities for cooperation in many areas, such as energy, healthcare, defense, financial services, and environmental and infrastructural projects. More than 70 French companies operating in various sectors attended the meeting moderated by Mr. Philippe Gautier, CEO of MEDEF International. Following the forum, ISPAT and MEDEF International signed a memorandum of understanding in order to further develop the collaboration between the two organizations.

Mr. Şimşek later on addressed asset managers and economists at a meeting organized by ISPAT and Natixis, a French corporate and investment bank, in order to assure the finance world about Turkey's improving economic environment. Mr. Şimşek said the figures show the economy is on a strong path and that the government would push ahead with structural reforms in the coming period.  Pointing out Turkey's position as one of the fastestgrowing economies in Europe and the OECD, he said, “This success was achieved despite geopolitical tensions in our region, problems with our trade partners, and a weak trend in the global economy.”