The game market in Turkey grows nearly 8% every year. It is expected it to reach 2 billion dollars volume by 2020.

Countries are in a race to turn into an information society and knowledge based economy. It is a fact that using information and communication technology are vital for growth, competition and employment. Software sector can be defined as new development force of the economies. Because it provides most employment and high valued products with least investment. Also software sector is the sector that most of the employees belongs to the youth sociological group when compared to other sectors.

Turkey Exporters Assembly President Mehmet Büyükekşi points out an important issue on this subject. He once said: “Even total endorsement of all the sugar factories are not equal to Candy Crush's endorsement.” This sentence summarizes the status and importance of software sector for Turkey.

According to the report that Turkey Digital Games Federation declared more than one billion people are playing digital games. The size of the sector is around 111 billion dollars. It is expected that digital game sector will be the one of the fastest growing sectors in next decade.

According to the findings, there are 2.4 billion Internet users and 1.2 billion active game players worldwide. The research shows that China alone has 180 million active players. This number is almost equivalent to the number of players in all of Western Europe. The digital games industry is expected to exceed $75 billion (TL 159 billion) by the end of this year, counting online and offline games. The sector had a market value of $66.3 billion in 2012. It grew by 6.1 percent in 2013 and reached a market value of $70.4 billion.

Turkey is INthe 3rd row in the “Share of time spent on PC Gaming Rank” In first two rows there are Poland and Russia. 22.8M gamers in Turkey spend 70% of their total game playing digital games in PC.  Although Turkish gamers are more likely to pay for games than several Western European countries, their average spend per paying gamer is much lower. This places Turkey at a relatively low number 18 in the global revenue rankings. On the other hand, when it comes to Massively Multiplayer Online Role - Playing Games (MMORP), a relatively high share of gamers can be considered big spenders or “whales”: 14% of all paying MMORP gamers.

T ablet and handheld console gaming is relatively unpopular in Turkey with online social/casual gaming the segment of choice followed by PC download games. When it comes to cross-screen gaming, 15.2% of Turkish gamers are playing across all four screens. This is lower than average but noticeably higher than other growth markets Poland (10.7%) and Russia (10.9%).  Smartphone gaming is very popular, with 70.9% of gamers playing on their mobile devices.

Gamer number is around 21,8 million in Turkey. It is almost one third of the country. More than 11 million people are wasting money for the games they are playing. Another advantage of Turkey in game sector is that 51% of the population is under 25. Researches show us that producers of the games sector both in USA and Far East are willing to reach Turkish consumers.  It is expected that market is going to reach 2 billion dollars in 2020. This looks realistic because the sector grows around 8% each year. In next decades mobile applications and games will be the locomotive of growth in individual software market. Because of the youth thickly population in Turkey digital game culture is really common. It is estimated that approximately 39 million hours in a day is spending for game playing. Turkey in social game category is in first row with 38,4 minutes session time per player.

Turkey is taking steps to forward to be an effective actor in digital game sector. To achieve this goal many editions are done on the subjects of encouragement in digital game sector, attracting foreign investment to the country, training qualified employees for the sector, cooperation with universities and legislative regulation.

In last period game sector in Turkey draws attention of the foreign investors. It is expected that multinational companies' investment and cooperation in Turkey will speed up the process of training qualified employee that is necessary for the sector.

Most of the big companies in sector are opening their own offices in Turkey. Beside everything this means that Turkey is becoming an important actor of the sector now. Closest examples can be shown as world's most crowded MOBA game League of Legends producer Riot Games' new office in Turkey and Crytek's investment to Turkey. It is estimated that Turkey is going to be a new terminal for digital game sector just like in the examples of Ukraine and Poland.

Turkish government is also supporting Turkish information technology, software and digital game companies both in local and abroad. There is a great potential in this sector. Giant games of the sector like Crysis, Football Manager and Rome II Total War released with Turkish language support. It is expected that with these universal games and the local games that will be produced in the country will be crucial for market's growth.

According to a research done recently 87% of the companies that produces software are SMEs. Another research says that 31% of the people are playing digital games in bed and 16% of the people are playing digital games in public transportation.

The effects of digital games increased its power in entertainment sector in the last decade. By the years passed rules have changed and player generation became more conscious.  Most important thing about digital game sector that sector has come out of the rooms and houses and turned into a sport event taking places in stadiums. In addition to this with the spread of the internet games which don't need any hardware like Candy Crush, Farmville became more popular. People who concerned about their children and asked “My child stuck in online games. What should I do?” turned into players themselves. With the effects of these developments digital game sector passed Hollywood's effect in entertainment market.

Digital games climbed up to the top of the entertainment sector so fast. Despite their 15 years old history it passed movie and television sector. This serious potential of digital games is able to shape, for now. If Turkish game sector takes the issue in hand seriously Turkey may be one of the most important actors of the market.