Turkish Exporters Assembly, despite the coup attempt on 15th July, carried out the Panama - Guatemala trade delegation with 23 participants between July 17th-22th in cooperation with Turkish Airlines as planned. During the delegation business forums and bilateral meetings were organized together with the counterpart institutions, NGOs and the Ministries both in Panama and Guatemala.


The purpose of the trade delegation towards aforementioned countries was to create an opportunity for the Turkish exporters to meet new importers, distributors and suppliers from the Latin American region, learn about their doing-business practices and ways to penetrate deep into the market, search for new investment grounds and discover the business potential in such a distant  and different geography. Against this background, both Panama and Guatemala are located at a significant geography which allows the Turkish exporters to be able to expand into the Central and Latin American countries.


In order to meet the Turkish exporters, approximately 70 Panamian companies in Panama and 80 Guatemalan companies in Guatemala attended the bilateral business meetings realizing almost up to 300  business interviews.


Furthermore, the trade delegation was welcomed with such enthusiasm by the public and private sectors both in Panama and Guatemala. Panama's Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade and Vice-Minister of Tourism as well as the Minister of Economy of Guatemala respectively, attended to the business forums. During the business forums, it has been expressed repetitively that both Panama and Guatemala expect more and more interest and investment from the Turkish business sectors as well as business NGOs and representatives of both Latin American countries emphasized their intentions to contribute to bilateral trade opportunities with Turkey.