President Erdoğan welcomes exporters: “With this unity, we are closer to the 2023 target”

“A normalization process is starting in our country. Now, we have to do even greater things than before. We must produce more, invest more, and export more.” said, TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi. 

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Board of Directors and president and board members of 60 export associations have visited President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the Presidential Complex. Stating that they want to give a message of unity after the coup attempt on July 15th, TİM President Mehmet Büyükekşi indicated: “A normalization process is starting in our country. From this point on, our responsibility is to travel every inch of the world and tell the potential of our country, and establish commercial relationships. Now, we have to do even greater things than before. We must produce more, invest more, and export more.”

There were no disruptions in production and exports

Reminding President Erdoğan that after July 15th, the planned trade mission to Panama and Guatemala did visit these countries, Büyükekşi continued his remarks: 

“After the terrorist attempt, our exporters sent letters to their purchasers abroad stating that production and economic activities continued at the same level. We have also sent letters describing the democracy movement in Turkey to all foreign mission chiefs in Turkey and NGO counterparts abroad. We can proudly say that after this treacherous attempt we have gone through, no disruptions occurred in our production, and exports.”

Noting that following the studies conducted in collaboration with Ministry of Economy, they also discussed on what can be done as one body in the coming period, Büyükekşi said, “We, as exporters, are showing much more determination and effort in order to reach our 2023 targets. With your support and assistance after this tough challenge, Turkey will continue its take off. We have no doubt about that.”

President Erdoğan: With this unity, we are closer to our 2023 targets

President Erdoğan made assessments on many subjects ranging from relations with Russia, to export subsidies when he received the exporters. Some important headlines from President Erdoğan's speech where he addressed the exporters are as follows:

* When we look at TIM's past, I am not sure how often they met with previous Presidents and Prime Ministers. I paid attention to being on the same page with both TIM and TOBB. Together, we would make this country rise. If the business world is not sharp and strong, it is not possible for our country to be sharp either.

* Yesterday, after a 9 month gap, our visit to Russia took place. We have also conducted a small business people meeting with Mr. Putin. I believe that in a very short time, we will quickly overcome the economic relations with Russia.


* When we look at the currency supplied to the market on July 16, we see that 2,5 million dollars were instantly converted to Turkish Liras and supplied to the market.


* I find it very important that TIM did not cancel the missions to be sent to Panama and Guatemala on the next day after the coup attempt. Because one of the most important pillars of this treacherous game was to collapse our economy.


* Our nation exchanged 10 million dollars of currency, and broke this game. I request help on 2 matters. You must tell all your foreign correspondents that the real face behind this coup attempt, FETÖ (Fetullah Gülen Terror Organization) is a threat to the entire world.


* You may have friends, companions within that organization, I say, disclose these people. You must inform the Prosecutor's offices. This is a patriotic debt. Intelligence and police forces may not know about everybody, or may not catch everyone, they are escaping.


* Our 2.1 billion dollars-worth exports in the week of 11-17 July have reached 2.7 billion dollars. Export for first 7 months have reached 80.5 billion dollars. We will work, we will make effort.


* We will share some of the steps we will take during this process as well. There is information that there are some restrictions on the financial sector.


* But, if state banks and private banks try to turn this into an opportunity, they can not knock on our door that easily.


* We have renewed our resolve in reaching 100 billion dollars of foreign trade with Russia. I see the efforts of our exporters in reaching different markets. And I see that we are starting to achieve results. 


* When we say the interest rates are now lower, this will pave the way for our banks and investors.


* Many issues have been resolved, including green passport for exporters regarding the improvements of the investment environment, that was published on the Official Gazette yesterday. I have also made the necessary suggestions to our government so that the export support package will be enacted as soon as possible.


* Business world will continue down this road without any hesitations or pauses. We will bring our country to the place it deserves. I thank you for your attendance to this veteran place.