President of the Turkish Exporter Assembly, Mehmet Buyukeksi expressed that, the recent developments are very positive for the exporters. “Green Passport”, which was long sought after by the exporters, finally came into the legislation. “We recently submitted a list of demands to improve our exports to the President and the Prime Minister, and Green Passport for exporters was also included in this list. We are very grateful that this request came into realization”, Mr. Buyukeksi stated. Commenting on the steps taken by the government in order to maintain the economic stability after the coup attempt, Mr. Buyukeksi added “We would like to express our gratitude to our government, they always supported and prioritized the economy in these hard times”.

Mr. Buyukeksi also commented on his visit to Russia along with President Erdoğan. According to Mr. Buyukeksi, hearings went smoothly, and the friendly welcome to the delegation was an important sign for our future relations.

The crisis between two countries effected Turkey's exports to Russia severely: Exports to Russia dropped by 60% in the first 7 months of 2016, Russia was in 4th place in Turkey's exports in 2013.

“In the following months, we will begin to compensate our losses in foreign trade” Mr. Buyukeksi claimed. He stated that, “As exporters we will continue to do our best and we will be stronger in 2017. With the charter flights re-starting tourism will also recover. Moreover, continuation of “Akkuyu Nuclear Plant” and “Turkish Stream” projects are especially important to us. Another aspect of the normalization process is the contractor works; Up until now, around 1,500 Turkish firms undertook 55 billion dollars' worth of contracts in Russia, we expect this figure to grow larger in near future. “Russia-Turkey Joint Economic Commission” will also resume their agenda, we hope that with all these planned projects the relations between the two countries will continue smoothly.”