Turkey Exports Beauty To The World

Nowadays ornamental plants and products sector is a vital sector for many countries which contribute to their economy directly. With the first years of 20th century people became distant with the nature under the effect of urbanization. Traditional society which transformed into a modern society with the effect of industrialization and globalization jailed people into buildings and a great gap between people and nature emerged. Human which is an essential element of nature tries to fill this gap with the products of ornamental plants sector.

Ornamental plants sector is a sub-sector of plants sector with its organizational structure and growth tendency. It has an essential role to employ blue collared workers. Thereby the sector is gaining commercial importance growing gradually. In the leading force of European countries more than 100 countries are producing ornamental plants in 1,6 million different places. Ornamental plants and products sector in Turkey becomes influential in world market because Turkey's climate conditions are suitable for growing every kind of plants. Also proximity of Turkey to the market countries and cheap labor force are other reasons making Turkey prominent. Sector developing itself gradually also increases its share in Turkey's total export amount. Also because the sector is related to farming it contributes to Turkey's social and economic transformation in a positive way. Farmers who are producing  ornamental plants integrates to industrial production process. By this way they meet last technological development and they form joint venture with big companies. The sector in 2015 reached to  77.6 million dollars export volume employing more than 25.000 people in Turkey. Export volume is shared among 50 countries which contains Turkmenistan, Holland and United Kingdom in top three. Outstanding cities which produce ornamental plants in Turkey are İzmir, Yalova Sakarya, Isparta, Bursa and Antalya. There are total 319 companies active in ornamental plant sector today in Turkey. Turkish Flowers advertising group which is established in 2011 is supporting the companies active in this sector on the issues of competition, creating new markets and advertising. The sector plans to reach a volume of 500 million dollars export in 2023. To reach this goal sector representatives by themselves and collectively continue their efforts. Turkey who is aiming the leadership of ornamental plant sector in world because of its proximity to the large consuming centers market is growing gradually. Developing economy of Turkey and reshaping neighbor countries eases Turkey to find new markets. Compared to sixty years before, the time when Turkey started to export ornamental plants and products, Turkey has proceed a lot. Chairman of the Tukey Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Association Osman Bağdatlıoğlu expressed his ideas on performance of the sector with these sentences: “Turkey shines out among the countries who are active in the market with its bio-diversity. Even the fluctuations in international market sector is growing gradually and will continue its growth in next years in direction of our 2023 goals.”