Turkey Now Has Higher Hopes for the Future

Treacherous parties -whom could not bear Turkey's unity and solidarity- attempted a coup d'état on the night of July 15th, 2016. This failed attempt was, in fact an undignified, dishonorable and inhumane act of terrorism and unfortunately, it was the greatest treason in the history of the Republic of Turkey.

As we all are aware of, real democracy means to have no greater force other than the people. As our Prime Minister stated; “No malady can rest within a collective nation”

Courageous Turkish People all around the country rallied against this treacherous attempt, and emerged victorious. Turkish People stood strong against the terror, they did not waver against the bombs or the guns that were pointed at them. The people repelled this abominable act of treachery with their valor, courage and sagacity, while furthering their unanimity as a nation.

Until this fateful day, Turkey was always questioned by external forces under the basis of supremacy of law, unity and solidarity. However, Turkish national will reclaimed the democracy while leaving a mark in history clearing all these suspicions.

Today, we are standing proud as Turkish Exporters' Assembly with the 60 Exporters' Associations and 65 thousand exporters we represent, knowing no greater will than our nation.

We declare that, we will stand by our elected government until the bitter end, while remaining strong against any anti-democratic act. We hereby condemn the junta enthusiasts.

As the voice of 65 thousand Turkish exporters we announce that;

  1. We are proud of our people, the Guardians of the Democracy, who considered no alternative to democracy and fought with all their might without a moment of hesitation
  2. We would like to express our gratitude to all our parliamentarians who stood on guard in our “Veteran Parliament” -which endured many battles since its foundation-
  3. We are grateful that all political parties of Turkey casted their differences aside and showed a unified stance against this barbaric act.
  4. This coup attempt is also a treason against the Turkish Armed Forces. We should carefully distinguish this traitorous faction hiding behind their uniforms from our honorable soldiers.
  5. We thank to the media keeping their honorable stand by informing our nation about the events. The media undertook a great mission by promulgating our President's voice to the public.
  6. We are also thankful to the all NGOs that shout democracy and react immediately against this treason. Yesterday, we denounced the coup terror with a press release in collaboration with nearly 550 NGOs.

Turkish people always says “every cloud has a silver lining”. These terrorist groups infiltrated not only to the army, but also our judiciary system and all public institutions. Turkey is a state of law. Now, it is the day that the traitors face the justice.

From now on,

There will never be any organization against democracy and our nation's will. Turkey will continue its march to the future. We are now more hopeful of the future.  

  1. As our President states: “All projects that will improve the Turkish economy will continue”

The projects, sub-sea tunnel, third airport and bridge in İstanbul will not fail.

  1. Turkey will go on producing and growing by producing more.

We believe that our Government will announce a new incentive program very soon and Turkey's agenda will be economy and development once again.

  1. Our Government and Central Bank of Turkey took precautionary actions to maintain financial stability.
  2. Thanks to our nation's togetherness, our economy will recover quickly the losses after the coup attempt. We now believe more strongly that Turkey will reach its targets in 2023.
  3. As our Prime Minister states: “We will continue our way by increasing our allies and decreasing our foes”

We will further our economic and commercial activities with the allied nations. Recently Turkey made peace with Russia and Israel, we believe that with the continuing positive acts of the Turkish Government and the endless resolve of our exporters our international trade will reach its potential.

We, the exporters and entrepreneurs, never fell into despair. Even in the wake of the attempt, we sent our trade mission to Panama and Guatemala on July 16th, 2016.

As Turkish Exporters' Assembly, we created a 6 step course of action;

  1. Yesterday, we sent a letter sample to our 65 thousand exporters through the Exporters' Associations. These letters -which state that despite the unfortunate circumstances, Turkish economy is standing strong with all its institutions active and performing even better than before- are to be delivered to all their customers.
  2. We prepared a letter -which will be delivered within this week- for all diplomatic missions in Turkey, describing the current situation and emphasizing the importance of the bilateral relations between countries.
  3. We prepared another letter for the NGOs all over the world, in order to reach out to all of our business partners, and inform them about our stance.
  4. We informed international news agencies regarding these issues.
  5. The Turkish Perspective, Turkish Exporters' Assembly's foreign publication, will prepare a special edition on this matter.
  6. Turkish Exporters' Assembly is preparing to organize a large event, where we will bring together all diplomatic missions within Turkey.

Sample Letter-1 (Word)

Sample Letter -2 (Word)

Standard & Poor's downgraded its main sovereign rating for Turkey to BB/B from BB+/B. We declare that, the treacherous attempt was suppressed under the rule of law, and contrary to the case of other countries, Turkish markets are operating as usual. There are no restrictions for capital movements.  Also, CBRT made a statement of calming measures.

Downgrade would mean to award the adversaries when democracy and sustainability triumphed. We disapprove both the downgrade and its timing. S&P should have observed the council of ministers' steps and their reactions on the economy. We sincerely expect other credit rating institutions to be more objective, patient and supportive in their decisions.

Last night, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced a 3 month state of emergency in Turkey. We are hoping that, during this period stabilization and confidence will be reestablished in Turkey.

France, also announced a state of emergency for 8 months and now, it is extended for another 6 months. We believe, the decision of the France government is appropriate and it will not harm the parliamentary system. We observe that, there is no negative change in economic and social life. In a similar manner, the decision of state of emergency in Turkey must be perceived as it was in France. We believe that, this decision will not damage the democratic standards.

Moreover, our government stated that, reforms about investment climate will continue as usual. We foresee no negative change to the dynamics of economy. Assuming these tragic events didn't occur, economic packages would be announced by the government this week however, they had to be delayed due to the tragic events.

We believe, the state of emergency is not an obstacle for the economic reforms. As the representative of Turkish Exporters and Business World, we have higher hopes for the future now since the threat is eliminated.


Turkish Exporters' Assembly