Academic Innovation Support for Exporters

Turkish Exporters Assembly launched Inosuit program, an Innovation Focused Mentorship Project, in November and this program continues at full speed. The first evaluation meeting was held today in the project which aims to increase the export power of our country with creativity, maintainability, innovation and high added value.

Murat AKYÜZ, the Member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and the Chairman of the Association of the Exporters of the Istanbul Chemicals Products, who carried out the opening of the meeting on behalf of TİM and referred to the history of the project, said " Our InoSuit Project was started with the introduction meeting in 06 - 07 September 2016. We organized a workshop with 60 academicians from the top universities in the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index Ranking and these universities were announced by our Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. After the workshop, we matched 23 academicians, authorized persons and mentors with 43 specialized exporters. Our mentors regularly visited our companies on a weekly basis system. We are here today to evaluate this 3-month process. Both our academics and our companies will share their knowledge and experience."

Academic information will be transferred to industrialization

Akyüz noticed that the purpose of the project is to increase the sustainable innovation capacity for this innovation management. Also, Akyüz said, "We will support our companies in the sustainable development program for their innovation management during 11 months. They will acquire international business experience. University-private sector cooperation will develop and academic knowledge, research and applications will be transferred to the industrial sector. "

Project is evaluated the innovation capacities of our companies. In December, our mentors were informed with in-house training. Also, we informed both our management staff and white and blue-collar personnel about innovation. We have to draw our scientific infrastructure, and our universities into the industry so we can reach these high levels as a country.