ATR Movement Certificates Endorse Electronically

As a new tool provided by TİM, ATR movement certificate is endorsed electronically. Exports procedures in Turkey is easier now.

Turkish Exporters Assembly, in accordance with The Ministry of Customs and Trade, provided a new convenience to exporters as a result of reform attempts undertaken by YOİKK (Board of Coordination for Enhancement of Investment Environment in Turkey). As the first step of efforts carrying endorsement procedures to electronic environment, ATR movement certificate was started to be endorsed electronically by 14th of May, 2018. Endorsement will be carried out both physically and electronically in the transition period; however all approval transactions will only be made electronically soon. Preparations to grant electronic endorsement for other origin and movement certificates are also continuing.


Transactions are now completed at offices

Mr. Mehmet Büyükekşi, The Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly, said “This facility will end loss of time and other additional costs in customs procedures. Since endorsement will be carried out in electronic way, exporters and customs brokers will not have to go to Exporters Assosiations' or customs to submit documents. They will not spend time for this procedure.”


Customs approval is also taken electronically

Exporters and customs brokers will load the data content and related documents of ATR to the system by using the web interface provided by TİM. Exporters Associations will check the relation between the content of ATR and the customs declaration and will endorse ATR if the provided data is matching. The certificate including endorsement signs and numbers will be ready to be printed after the customs approval granted electronically. Exporters and brokers will be able to print the endorsed certificate content on the hard document wherever they want.


Security concerns cleared

The endorsement system for origin and movement documents was designed within high tech security standards. With the use of QR code on the certificate, the content of the document can be displayed by buyers or customs authorities of the European Union countries, thus security concerns about correctness of the content of the document will be eliminated completely.