Call for “discovery” to the whole world with "Turkey Discover the Potential"

TIM started a new promotion campaign for the new Turkey Brand within the borders of the country and in the world.

Mehmet Büyükekşi, the Chairman of TIM, stated that Turkey would narrate its history to the world with its new brand, and he added: “Turkey Discover the Potential is not a brand. It is Turkey which should be acknowledged as a brand”.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu participated in the launching, and he stated: “Turkey is aware of its force, opportunities, geography, cultural values, economic dynamisms and the power of our nation. This brand will help Turkey to be presented in the world”.

Mustafa Elitaş, the Minister of Economy, and Mahir Ünal, the Minister of Tourism, underlined the importance of Turkey's brand and they remarked that promotion attacks would continue in the following days.

"Turkey Discover the Potential”, the new brand of Turkey which was realized under the leadership of the Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM), under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and with the contribution of the Ministry of Tourism and which was supported by the Government by taking it into the agenda, will create a tremendous impression in the world with the help of wide-scale promotion attacks both in the country and in the world. Mehmet Büyükekşi, the Chairman of TIM, stated: “Turkey narrates its history to the world with its new brand. We aim to inform the people in the country about our new brand and the global communication initiative that we have started by means of this brand and to take the benediction of our people, so to say. In fact, 'Turkey Discover the Potential' is not a brand. It is Turkey which should be acknowledged as a brand”.

Büyükekşi said that they had large-scale objectives and that they aimed to become one of 10 largest economy in the world in 2023, and that they would tell the story of Turkey with the help of all people and institutions working in the country or abroad. He reminded that Turkey was the inheritor of an enormous civilization chain, and he remarked: “Now, it is time to make the outer world know about this pride, this horizon of civilization and this divine harmony. We are proud of presenting the new brand of Turkey to our nation. Today is the day when the discussion arising from the question: “Are we from the West or from the East?” will be concluded by saying “We are both from the West and from the East.

 Other half of the divided spirit is in Turkey

Büyükekşi reminded that the stability was elected on November 1, and he thanked Presidenr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and the contributors to the project by saying that the nation wished them to give services. He continued as follows:

“We make an offer to the whole world with 'Turkey Discover the Potential'. This offer is not a simple slogan or a descriptive indicator. This offer is a call for reunification of the human spirit, human intelligence and human civilization divided into two parts as the West and the East. The division of the human race created by the God through geographical factors, language and politics is now out of date. We address to the whole world by means of the sign language of our new brand: 'We are a synthesis of the East and the West together with our geography and the heritage that we possess. Each person deciding to discover both himself/herself and the world will find the other half of his/her divided spirit in this region. This land offers the other half of the spirit sometimes in Mevlana's invitation through his famous saying: 'come, come whoever you are' or sometimes in a composition of Tatyos Efendi. Therefore, our brand is an invitation for a strong and inspiring discovery to the whole world. It is a call for discovering the treasure of the humanity and the united spirit of the civilizations”.

Büyükekşi said that “Turkey Discover the Potential” brand was a mutual offer and a common indicator developed by all non-governmental organizations contributing to the global promotion of Turkey, large holdings, the representatives of publication, communication and press sectors and academicians. He also added that narrating the story of Turkey would become a collective activity.

New stories will be written for Turkey

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu participating in the launching of Turkey's brand remarked that “Turkey Discover the Potential” would save the institutions promoting Turkey from the mess, and he continued as follows: “Turkey will become in the center of the global economy. Turkey is aware of its force, opportunities, geography, cultural values, economic dynamism and power of the nation. And this brand will add value to the recognition of Turkey in the world. It will narrate the story of Turkey to millions of people, it will transfer it to the world, and then we will write new stories all together”.

Mustafa Elitaş, the Minister of Economy, emphasized that the new brand of Turkey was a significant work in order to invite foreign investors to Turkey and to provide new motivation for Turkish businessmen, and he stated: “the most important method is to achieve the goal in marketing. We need to create a perception on the color 'Turquoise' so that it can remind other people of Turkey. We will manage it with the help of Turkey brand. In the following days, we will continue our promotion activities with new campaigns”.

Mahir Ünal, the Minister of Culture and Tourism mentioned the importance of Turkey Brand, and he reminded that an important step was taken in order to create a new perception. He also remarked: “we will start a new campaign under the name of 'No people untouched by us” in the following period. We will continue the promotion of our country.

Support to the promotion campaign from the business world

Turkey is aimed to be presented to the opinion leaders and the people of the country by means of the launching of Turkey Brand starting today. Moreover, certain companies will make publication campaigns uniting the new brand of Turkey with their own brands and products as of next week. The campaign will be supported by TRT, Doğuş, Doğan, Turkuaz, Ciner, Türk Medya, Yeni Şafak, Fox, Cumhuriyet Press Groups, Turkish Airlines and the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.

In the campaigns prepared for other countries, on the other hand, the contents will focus on the story of Turkey as of 2016, and the politics of innovative and new generation and interactive communication will be pursued.