Turkey-Canada Business Forum and B2B business meetings has taken place in Toronto, Canada between the dates of 4-7 December 2018 with the coordination of Ministry of Economy and organization of Turkish Exporters Assembly and Uludağ Exporters Association. TİM Deputy Chairman Süleyman Kocasert preside at the delegation.

27 business people from 24 Turkish companies and 80 Canadian business people has attended to the Business Forum, which was organized within the scope of Trade Delegation. Turkish Ambassador in Ottawa Selçuk Ünal has made the opening speech. Mr. Ünal pointed that this delegation was the 4th and the most crowded delegation coming to Canada this year and that he hopes for more delegations in the long view. Mr. Ünal stated that USA holds a big pie in Canada's foreign trade however, many of the products produced in USA also are being produced in Turkey and we can sell those products with more reasonable prices. Declaring that Turkey is one of the fastest-growing countries among OECD countries, Ünal signified the serious economic breakthrough of Turkey with its mega projects and Turkey's attracting of foreign direct investments with its stability.

After the Ambassador, Toronto Vice Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong has took place in the stage and highlighted the greatness of Turkey, that they are aware of importance of İstanbul and it is known by the sectors of textile, confection, food and construction with its strong growth rate. He also stated that he believes such an important country will cooperate with Toronto on important businesses. Ontario Federation's Minister of Research, Innovation and Science Reza Moridi stated that he traveled to Turkey many times, Turkey is really important in its region and he carried out many R&D projects with universities from Turkey. Moridi also added to his words that as Ontario and Canada they want to cooperate with Turkey, which has shown strong economic performance.

Lastly, TİM Deputy Chairman Süleyman Kocasert made a speech during the opening ceremony. He declared that Turkey and Canada are two important G20 member allied countries which has strong economic ties. Stating that Canada is one of the biggest economies of America continent after the USA and despite the fact that trade volume between the two countries is decreasing in the previous years, it reached its peaks in 2016 and 2017, Süleyman Kocasert believes that Free Trade Agreement between Turkey and Canada should be signed immediately to prevent CETA, the FTA between Canada and EU, to affect the trade between Turkey and Canada negatively.

After the family photo and giving presents the forum has ended and Turkish and Canadian business people started B2B meetings. 24 Turkish firms and more than 80 Canadian business people conducted more than 200 business meetings.

At the 2nd day of the delegation, TİM Delegation visited chambers of commerce at Mississauga and Brampton, which are really important industrial cities and very close to Toronto, and met with business people of these regions.