Cuba & Venezuela Trade Delegation Came Back with Success

Cuba & Venezuela Trade Delegation (April 23rd-27th, 2017), coordinated by the Ministry of Economy and organized by TIM, was fulfilled with the participation of 26 firm representatives from Energy, Food, Iron & Steel, Garment and Construction sectors.

The first section of the Delegation was held in Cuba with around 60 participants from the Cuban side. The program started with the Turkey-Cuba Business Forum, at which Deputy Chairman Mr. Mustafa CIKRIKCIOGLU and Turkish Ambassador to Havana, Ms. Berris EKINCI made the opening speeches, and continued with B2B meetings between the Turkish and Cuban firm/institution representatives.

On the second day in Cuba, a round-table meeting  was arranged with the National TV channel, radio channels and the press at the Turkish Embassy Residence. The meeting lasted 2 hours, and then our Head of the Delegation, Ambassador and participants had meetings with the Cuban institutions such as the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Energy to have a conversation on banking issues in Cuba. The overall evaluation of our participants for the program in general was positive.

The second leg of the Delegation was carried out in Venezuela, again with success despite the existing chaotic and uncertain environment in the country with the participation of 300 people. Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Trade and International Investments, Mr. Jesus FARI and Venezuelan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs attended the Turkey-Venezuela Business Forum, and our participants expressed their appreciation for the B2B meetings. In the meantime, our Head of the Delegation and Ambassador had a round-table meeting with the press, and the event was aired on          9  TV channels and caught a remarkable attention.”