Design World meets in İstanbul


Design World comes together in Design Week Turkey which is held for the first time in 19-23 October 2016 in İstanbul. Design Week Turkey is going to be performed in Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center and Extibition Hall with the cooperation of T.C. Ministry of Economy and TİM and is going to have international pioneers in the industrial design, fashion and visual communication design fields. Throughout the event, visitors will have a chance to experience various elements including international and Turkish exhibitions, Turks rising globally, products with unique designs, Design Turkey Rewards and exhibition to be held for the fifth time this year, finalist exhibitions of competitions of Exporter unions, design offices, design schools and many other elements related to design.

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Design Week Turkey press meeting has been held on Monday October 17th, in Ataköy Sheraton Hotel, with the participation of Turkey Exporters Council (TİM) President Sn. Mehmet BÜYÜKEKŞİ, TİM Acting President Tahsin Öztiryaki, Arçelik Industrial Design Director, Ford Otosan Arge General Manager, Seranit Group President and Şişecam. In the press meeting, information regarding the Design Week Turkey to be held in Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center and Exhibition Hall in 19-23 October is provided.

Do not miss Turkey Design Week that is to be held for the first time this year, if you want to follow the trends of industrial design, fashion and visual communication design in Turkey and in the globe, to experience the most recent products of the firms leading the design industry, to listen to the inspiring speeches of globally known design gurus and to visit various creative exhibitions on design!

In the Turkey Design Week, which is to be realized with the cooperation of T.C. Ministry of Economy and TİM and with the strategical partnership of Arçelik, Ford Otosan, Seranit Grup and Şişecam, everything related to design will meet with the visitors for 5 days in İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center and Exhibition Hall.

Products of the firm with unique designs, Turquality; speeches and panels in which the pioneering names in fashion, industrial design and visual communication design shares the experiences and the trends, international exhibitions, Design Turkey Industrial Design Rewards exhibition and award ceremony, Turkish and foreign design offices, the best design schools in the design world, product exhibitions of Exporter unions design competition finalists and workshops will be in Turkey Design Week.

Designers and exhibitions from all around the world comes to İstanbul

Pınar Demirdağ, one of the cofounders of Pınar & Viola, a firm that made texture design for IKEA's exclusive limited print series to be in the market at the end of the summer 2017, will meet the audience in Turkey Design Week. The product series produced with the textures themed of acceptance of all, which Demirdağ and her Dutch partner Viola Renate created under Pınar&Viola, a brand with Paris as the center office, for IKEA Limited Print Edition will be in IKEAs worldwide for sale in 2017. The exhibition of this special series with a variety of products, including dishes to sheets, bags and t-shirts, will be in IKEA stands for visitors in Turkey Design Week for the first time.

A special product anthology from the greatest fest of Middle East and North Africa, Beirut Design Week, will also meet the visitors in Turkey Design Week. In the exhibition, designs of 16 Lebanese design studios in product, fashion and communication design fields will take place. In addition, in the Creative Industry in Middle East and Turkey Relations panel moderated by the founder and director of the Beirut Design Week and Mena Design Research Center Doreen Toutikian, DAMJ Design Cofounder and Design Director Ahmad Khouja, Graphical Designer Dima Boulad and Lebanese-American University, Fashion School Manager Jason Steel will take place.

One of the important names to come to İstanbul for the conference is Michael Young. Young has designs varying from interior architecture to technology and he became one of the pioneers in the design world of the last 20 years. The designs of Young, who coworked with many brands including Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Cappellini, Cathay Pacific, Giant Bicycles, Magis, George Jensen and Trussardi, are considered to be an example in the whole world. His works have been exhibited in museums such as Pompidou Museum, Louvre Museum, and Design Museum London. After many years of work in England and Iceland, the designer moved to Asia due to his passion of technology and opened his studio in Hong Kong in 2006. Michael Young Studio synthesizes the East and the West with creativity and innovational approach and known as the most exciting and most successful design studio in Asia today. Young's iconic designs many won many rewards including Red Dot, Tokyo Good Design, Wallpaper Design Award and Eurobike Awards. The studio of the designer continues to push the limits of experiencial design and creates modern and innovative designs by benefiting from the technology and creativity Asia provides.

The work of one of the leading names in the world in digital art and design, Danie Widrig will be exhibited during Turkey Design Week under Raw exhibition scope. Widrig worked for a long time with Zaha Hadid and took part in Hadid's most iconic building and product designs. Many of his works has been exhibited in Art Basel, Paris Fashion Week and Londra Victoria and Albert Museum. Wildrig continued his work in sculpture, fashion, furniture design and architecture and obtained “Maya Master” title in 2009.

Widrig is considered to be one of the names reshaping the technology and art as well as determining its limits and his work 3D clothes, which he created in cooperation with Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen in 2011, is chosen by Time magazine into 50 best innovations of the year. In addition to Raw exhibition by Sbodio 32 studio taking place in Milan Design Week 2016 for the first time, other designers including Alcarol, Casa Laboratoria, Code Structured Skin, Marco Stefanelli, Güterstrasse (By Christoph Steiger) and Isaac Monte will participate.

There are many Turkish and foreign names form the Turkish design world among the conference spokesperson. Among these are; globally known fashion designers Hussein ChalayanAtıl Kutoğlu, Ayşe and Ece Ege –creators of Dice Kayek- Fashion Designers Association Director, fashion designer Mehtap Elaidi,  fashion designer Zeynep Tosun, fashion designer Aslı Filinta, Ezra Çetin –one of the creators of ezra + tuba- Industry Product Designers Professional Organization President Sertaç Ersayın, Arman Design Founder, Designer Murat Armağan, Orhan Irmak Design founder, design director Orhan Irmak, industry products designer Gökhan Akış, Howl Design Studio, design manager Bilgi Karan, Haliç University Industrial Products Design Department  Head, writer, designer Önder Küçükerman ,  fashion designer Gül Ağış

Another guest of the Turkey Design Week is Finnish shoe designer Minna Parikka.  Mina Parikka shoes are worn by celebrities including Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, Kylie Jenner, Fergie, Palamo Faith, and Beth Ditto. The shoes attracted interest in Turkey after Europe and USA and are gathering attention with fun designs and courageous motifs of bunny ears or pompoms. The brand is on market in 25 countries, among the point of sales include important fashion addresses such as Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols UK, Colette, Le Bon Marche.

“Traces” exhibition, performed by the cooperation of İstanbul Fashion Academy and Dice Kayek, carries Turkish Hand Craft to our day and aims to keep traditional hand crafts in our country alive and revived. The exhibition, coordinated under supervision of İMA students and Ece Ege, presents hand crafts from different regions of Turkey and can be seen during the Turkey Design Week.


Known for his designs of lamps of trophies, making the limits between art and design disappear with his work, the artist and designer Patrick Rampelotto, Italy-born and Vienne-centered, is coming to İstanbul to give a speech and his exhibition will take place in Turkey Design Week. Visitors will have the opportunity to see his unique designs of lamps that he designed with metal and plastic parts he bought from flea markets or private collections.

Another interesting exhibition in Turkey Design Week is ElektroCouture exhibition. ElektroCouture; is one of the pioneering fashion technology brands in fashiontech sector. One of the important characteristics of Electrocoutour is that they work for creating an ecosystem for novel and innovational products and cooperate with companies active in this field.

Founder and creative director of Helsinki-centered design studio Pentagon Design, Sauli Suomela will meet the audience in a conference during Turkey Design Week. Pentagon Design was founded in 1996 and is among the pioneering Nordik design agencies and focuses on designs in product, packaging, environment, service and brand experience fields.

In Turkey Design Week, the visitors will experience a unique virtual reality titled 'VR Design',  taking design and technology together, created by fashion photographer and visual artist Denisson Bertram. Bertram works with Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ, InStyle, Vogue, Nespresso, Louis Vuitton, FURLA, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Glamour and is cofounder of CLOY. He works on virtual reality and fashion in addition to creative digital applications in culture-art projects.

Another name which will take place in İstanbul for Turkey Design Week is the famous design and art museum of Milano, Triennale di Milan Director Andrea Cancellato. Cancellato is the director of the museum since 2002 and will give a speech on The Contribution of Design Weeks. Triennale hosts different exhibitions and events on design, urban design, architecture, music and art, including a continuous exhibition on contemporary Italian design.

Cofounder and trend director of 360 Inspiration Zuzanna Skalska will come to İstanbul for the conference. Skalska is an expert on innovation and trends and works on strategic trends working as trend researcher and strategist in innovation field for 18 years. Skalska observes the developments and changes in the society from a socioeconomic and technological perspective and realizes the trends in a robust, blazing and passionate manner. Skalska also takes place in the organization of Dutch Design Week since 2003. Skalska gives lectures in New York Parsons School of Design and Eindhoven TU/e University and is cofounder of School of Form in Skalska Polland.

Good 50x70 exhibition by Italian designer Pasquale Volpe will be in the Design Week. The starting point of Good 50x70 is that banners created in 50x70 cm aim to create social awareness regarding main social concepts including global warming, environmental pollution, drought, child deaths and animal rights and to help the organizations working to solve these problems. Visitors will be able to design their own banner in the field.

Another exhibition to take place in Turkey Design Week is Colour Emotions exhibition by Sara Garanty from Sweden. She will also participate as conference spokespersons in İstanbul. Garanty's Colour Emotions exhibition aims to realize our own perceptions of reality. The colors of “houses” exhibited change according to the place you stand. Each house reflects different emotions and existence states. “Which one is real and which one is a projection of your mind?”- Sara Garanty is known for her unique work of colors and lights.

Third generation designer of famous Corum watches of Switzerland Anthony Bannwart will talk on “Luxury product design and creative DNA” in the conference. Famous soccer player Christino Ronaldo and Russia Prime Minister Dmitri Medyedev are among those who prefer Admiral's Cup series of Corum watches, founded in 1955.

Industry products designer Ettore Giordano and International Design Council President David Grossman will be in İstanbul for the conference.

Another exhibition in the Design Weeks is 'Swedish Fashion Stories' from Sweden. It is organized by the cooperation of Swedish Institute and FORM Content and exhibits Swedish fashion and its relation to art, craft and social structures.