Despite having one less workday, exports increased

Despite having one less workday, exports increased

February 2017 export figures were announced with a press conference in Durmazlar Machinery, Bursa. In February, exports increased by 5.1% despite having one less workday and was recorded as 11.3 billion dollars.

In February, automotive was the biggest part of Turkey's exports with an increase of 804 million dollars. Highest increase was in “Olive and Olive Oil” sector with 82.3%, followed by the 64% increase in jewelry sector.

Chairman of Turkish Exporters' Assembly, Mehmet Büyükekşi stated that the strongest increases were in China, USA and Israel. Pointing at the export prices of different sectors, Büyükekşi said “Defense and Aeronautics was our top performing sector in the first 2 months, with 33 dollars per kg.”

After announcing the export figures, Büyükekşi announced TİM's current agenda:

“We started opening Turkish Trade Centers recently, we believe these will further increase our exports. First of our trade centers is located in Tehran, and it will be followed by openings in Dubai, New York and Chicago.

In addition to exports, we are also contributing to the employment campaign. Last week, we sent letters to our top 2000 exporters, chairmen and board members of our exporter associations, to encourage them to join this cause and contribute to Turkish economy. We also launched a web portal to record all of our exporters' contributions to this cause.”