Turkish Exporters Assembly organized 9th event of “Export Compass” activity with India. The risk and opportunities of Indian market and success stories shared with exporters. The acting chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly, Tahsin Öztiryaki made an opening speech and Istanbul Consulate General of India Azar A. H. Khan participated to Export Compass Route India event.

Tahsin Öztiryaki mentioned that India is second of the most crowded country in the world with 1,3 billion population and 7th biggest economy with growing about %7 at last 20 years. According to purchase power parity, India has ranked the 3rd country of the world. Tahsin Öztiryaki also said that India is an important trade center in their region. There are lots of opportunities with its regional position and dynamic young population. There are no any obstacles to increase our trade. We, as an exporters have to know our exporting markets.

Istanbul Consulate General of India said that there is fair competitive environment in India. The cooperation of Indian firms not only contribute sustainable growth of your trade but also you can get benefits from Indian dynamic young population and trade with India. 

The program continued with a panel which included success stories of exporters firms and some important subjects were discussed such as how to reach Indian market, transportation, customs and insurance policy.

The representative of Ministry of Economy, Tuğrul Somuncuoğlu points out some important issues about Indian market that there are more foreign firms in India than Turkish firms. You can communicate with people easily because English is widely known through India. If exporting companies want to control any of Indian firms, they would either send e-mail to our trade consultancy or check the firms at Ministry web site.

Coface General Manager, Emre Ozer explained the services which give the exporters about safe trading opportunity, receivable insurance policies, risk prevention, collection, credit information, detailed trade reports of the Indian market.

The representative of Hürsan, Göksel Perksoy said that the key factor of entering Indian market is to meet traders in fairs. Before entering market, the threat and advantages should be analyzed by exporters firm. There are bureaucracy in India but human factor is also important. If you find the correct person, your can trade with India easily.

The last panelist was the representative of Makrev Makine, Ahmet Gülek mentioned that one of the most important point of entering Indian market is assertiveness. You may not take results with participating one fair. You have to participate many fairs as much as possible and make analysis of target market very carefully. Then the panel continue with the question and answers part.