Export in February became 10 billion 790 million dollars with an increase of 3,1%

While automotive industry kept leading position in export on sectoral basis with 1 billion 986 million dollars, it was followed by ready-wear and garment, chemicals and chemical products.

Stating that they are encouraged by the increase in export, TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi told “We believe we will reach growth target of 5% on average in forthcoming period with the strength coming from export.”

After 14 months, export started to increase for the first time. According to data of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), while export in February compared to the same period of previous year was 10 billion 790 million dollars with an increase of 3,1%, an increase of 26% occurred on kilogram basis. While the export was 20 billion 387 million dollars in the first two months of the year with a loss of 16,9%, there was a decline of 10,8% in the last 12 months and the amount was 139 billion 735 million dollars. TIM President Büyükekşi, touching upon the significance of the increase in export, stated that the exporters' spirits were lifted.

On sectoral basis, automotive industry performed the highest export in February with 1 billion 986 million dollars. This was followed by ready-wear and garment by 1 billion 425 million dollars, chemicals and chemical products with 1 billion 145 million dollars. While Defense and Aviation Industry Sector had the highest increase of export in February with 41,4%, this was followed by Ornament Plants and Products with an increase of 24,3%.

Parity effect continues on UN region

According to TIM data, parity effect in export in February made a negative effect by 128 billion dollars. Among the first 5 countries we exported the most, we exported to Germany with an increase of 13,1%, Italy with a rise of 15,7% and France with a growth of %12. In terms of the other two countries of highest export, there was a decline by 4,5% to export to England and by 5,8% to Iraq. Among 30 countries we exported the most in February, Ukraine took the lead with a rise of 47%; there was an increase in export to Egypt by 46,7%, Greece by 40%, Morocco by 34%, Bulgaria by 31%, Netherlands by %25 and Poland by %24.

When February export data were evaluated on regional basis, export to UN region increased by 12%, Africa by %17, Oceanian by 20%, and Far-East Countries by 19%. There was a decrease by 8% in export to America and by 3% to Middle-East countries.

İstanbul kept its leadership in export

According to data of the first 10 cities with highest export in February, the export made by Kocaeli decreased by 4% and Denizli by 3%. There was a growth in Istanbul by 2%, Bursa by 9%, İzmir by 4%, Ankara by 10%, Gaziantep by 12%, Manisa by 8%, Sakarya and Hatay by 4%. February export of Karaman was 26 million dollars with an increase of 13% compared to the same period of previous year.

Declaring February export data from Karaman which grew men of heart such as Yunus Emre and Sheikh Edebali, TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi reminded that this city recorded 36 million dollars of export in 2002 and 304 million dollars of export in 2015 with 8 times increase. Stressing upon he believes that construction of Karaman Airport project will make positive contributions in city's export; Büyükekşi indicated that they are hoping for region's progress in new sectors aside from cereals, pulses and oily seed products.

Turkey will grow by 5% in next period

Mentioning the developments in world economy in his speech, Büyükekşi reminded sharp falls in commodity, energy and petroleum prices. Stating that there is a decline by 11% in global trade according to up-to-date data of World Trade Organization, Büükekşi stated “In spite of negative developments around the world, our country was able to grow by 3,4% as of 3rd quarter in previous year. With this rate of growth, we are leading developing countries except China and India. According to OVP, there is an expectation of growth in 2015 by 4% and in 2016 by 4,5%. We believe we will reach growth target of 5% on average in next period. After the positive course in our economy, IMF increased Turkey's 2016 growth rate by 0,3 and established as 3,2%”.

Product with high added value is primary target

Touching upon 'Export Support Package' that they have been working on as TIM and exporters' union, Büyükekşi told their recommendations that they submitted to government include macro recommendations concerning all sectors and they believe these offers will ensure a fast increase of export in a short amount of time. Büyükekşi also stated they are looking forward to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's declarations regarding 'Export Support Package'.

On the other hand, expressing that they are aiming to reach all over the world in 2016, Büyükekşi stated “We are planning to organize a committee of trade to 34 countries that constitute one third of world trade and approximately half of world economy. We are also starting to open our project “Turkey Trade Centers” project that we are willing to put into practice with the understanding of 365 days of fair in Iran, U.A.E., U.S.A., England and Germany. Our works are in progress about updating Customs Union with UN which is on our agenda and our most significant export market. Under the leadership of Economy Ministry, we are having analyzed possible effects of such an update on our economy. On the other hand, we are having analyzed possible effects of Trans-Pacific Agreement to our country and sectors. We will share our assessments with public soon”.