3rd Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Delegations Gathering, which has become a tradition each year, has took place in Antalya Belek with the participation of 500 people.

Focusing on the importance of solidarity of TİM Family Mehmet Büyükekşi, President of TİM, declared: “None of the problems we encountered could not discourage us and will not be able to do it. We will always increase and develop our exports.” After the opening speech the program had continued with TİM Operation Presentation by TİM Secretary-General Dr. H. Bader Arslan.

Prof. Dr. Çağrı Erhan, Metehan Demir and TİM Secretary-General Dr. H. Bader Arslan made a panel about “Next 10 Years” and then, Prof. Dr. Üstün Dökmen took the stage and gave a speech about “Not Every Administrator is a Leader”. The event had continued with Taylan Kümeli and her speech about “Healthy Nutrition at Work”, which is followed by Rüzgar Mira Okan's speech on “Personal Image Management”.

Moreover, a session was reserved for the delegations to exchange ideas, in which Exporters Family gave the message of “Our Power is Our Unity” with the spirit of solidarity.

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