Exporters Family Meets in Antalya

Turkish Exporters Assembly organized a “Delegates Meeting” in Antalya with the participation of Minister of Economy Mr. Mustafa Elitaş. The program had a rich content with the presentations of many speakers; delegates exchanged ideas and had a good time. The program started on April 30th, Saturday, with the opening speech of TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi and continued with the TIM activity presentation of TIM Secretary General Dr.H.Bader Arslan.

After the presentation of President of KPMG Turkey Ferruh Tunç on Export and Growth Innovation Graft, Ziya Kükürt, a theatre and cinema actor, gave training to the delegates about the art of effective and short speech.

Famous doctor, scientist Osman Müftüoğlu took the floor with his speech titled Healthy Living, Leadership and Management Thinker Fazıl Oral gave his Unifying Leadership presentation.

There was a session in the activity for exchange of ideas between the delegated; delegates attended concurrently “Individual awareness for success” session from Awareness and Communication Expert Neslihan Onur and “Healthy Living” session from Osman Müftüoğlu.

Kerem Alkin, in his speech titled Where is the Turkish economy headed made his presentation under the headings of hot agenda of the world and Turkish economy, restructuring in the global economic system and changing role of the geography and new normal in the global economic system.

President of KPMG Turkey Ferruh Tunç in his presentation titled Export and Growth Innovation Graft, gave information about KPMG's Innovation Survey of Turkey in relation with the significant growth in R&D and innovation ecosystem in the last 10 years. Among major headlines of his speech, he mentioned what the success factors are in R&D activity besides the R&D expenditure. .

Ahmet Kasım Han, in his foreign policy conference titled Where is the World Going? made a presentation under the heading of “While the Global Policy is Transforming: Added Value, Risks and Future” and made a tour of horizon within the framework of certain dimensions of the trends and risks that will determine the future of the global policy which are related with Turkish foreign policy. He evaluated the mentioned developments within their impacts on the foreign policy and foreign economic vision of our country within the framework of this tour of horizon.

Fazıl Oral, in his presentation of Unifying Leadership shed light on the fact that the changing world and developing circumstances transported the interaction among people to very different dimensions, and in line with this discussed the following topics to generate new ideas and areas in people's minds:

1.      Is change possible, if yes, how?

2.      How can we work together with new generations?

3.      How can the most difficult areas of business world overcome?

4.      New leadership paradigm.

Ziya Kükürt, in his talk titled Art of Effective and Short Speech mentioned about the intricacies of the art of effective and short speech with his interactive presentation with video.

Osman Müftüoğlu, in his conference titled Healthy Living said:

"Your first job must be to obtain a reliable and easy road map. If your map is reliable and easy, then your journey will be safe, easy, pleasant and peaceful.

 Your second job must be to focus on “ALWAYS JOY” and “ALWAYS PEACE”.

Afterwards Mr. Müftüoğlu mentioned genetic inheritance, nourishment, what we must do to keep the power of immunity high and the importance of sleep; he also pointed out the importance of improving the intellectual capacity, lowering electromagnetic charge and socialization for health and that we must resist emotional (mental) aging.

Activities were held for spouses in a separate room

Neslihan Onur, Individual awareness for success

In her “Individual awareness for success” training, she described the methods to get to know ourselves better, to form a happier life and to become the master of life in order to continue with our lives with a high level of awareness.

The program continued the whole day with expo visits, city tour and with the show of the play titled “Domestic Inappropriate” by theatre actress Nilgün Yerli. The activity was concluded with the Gala Dinner.