Exporter's Route: Argentina

​Export Compass events by Turkish Exporters' Assembly focused on Argentina this time. Aiming the advantages and the disadvantages of the market, the panel was moderated by Nevsal Zulkuf Alhas, R&D director of TIM, and hosted Diego Alvarez Rivera, General Consulate of Argentina to Istanbul; Müge Helvacıoğlu, Former Trade Advisor of Turkey to Buenos Aires; Ali Gençtürk, Deputy General Manager of Coface; and Kubilay Gedikli from Yüksel Seramik to share their experiences in the market Argentina. 

​The opening speech made by Dr. Halil Bader Arslan, secretary general of TIM. He focused the structure of the export compass events and projects of TIM as, Inosuit, Inovalig and a new online information portal which will be announced in 15 days and going to give detailed information about the structure, goods, and potential of the targeted country/region. 

​As the guest speaker, General Consulate Rivera gave brief information about the social, economic and cultural structure of Argentina and presented the trade volume and bilateral trade between Turkey and Argentina. He underlined that “the export figures of Argentina has reach $58 billion while its imports are $64 billion in 2016. On the other hand, Argentina's exports to Turkey are around $342 million, when the imports are around $112 million.” He also said that “Argentina workers are among the most highly educated in Latin America, with a literacy rate of 98% and higher education rate is %16. Especially the English speaking average is relatively high among other Latin American countries. Therefore Argentina is easy to communicate and less risky to invest for foreign investor and exporters.” 

​During the panel Ms. Helvacioglu informed the participants about the important operations and local incentives in Argentina market. The import permits imposed by Argentina government also one of the main subjects in the panel. On the other hand Ali Gençtürk presented the services of Coface and focused how exporters can insure their receivables to lower their risks in foreign markets. As the representative of private sector, Yuksel Gedikli shared Yuksel Seramik's experiences in Argentina and told the story of how they entered the market.