Exporters to exceed 100.000 threshold in generating new jobs in the first six months

Turkey's Minister of Economy, Nihat ZEYBEKCI, and the Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Mehmet BUYUKEKSI, shared the results of the first quarter of 2017 Exporter Tendency Survey and of exporters' expectations from the second quarter. Mr. BUYUKEKSI said: The Questionnaire shows that there has been an increase in the number of jobs generated by 44.000 and we believe that this figure will have exceeded 100.000 by the end of the first half of 2017.” Moreover, Mr. BUYUKEKSI told that exporters expect the US Dollar to reach 3,72 TL as of June. 

When the exporters were asked why they could not generate more jobs, MR. BUYUKEKSI said: “The major reason is the lack of well-qualified personnel. An increase in the quality of education in vocational high-schools and universities will surely have a positive impact in employment rates.” 

The survey shows that about half of the companies entered new markets in the first quarter, which was regarded by Mr. BUYUKESKI as gladsome. Mr. Chairman told that the top regions Turkish exporters aim for the second quarter are Europe, Middle East, Africa, and America. Top three countries under Turkish companies' radar are: USA, Germany, Russia.  


Exchange rate of USD estimate for the end of July is 3.72 TL/$

Mr. Chairman pointed out that exporters are estimating the exchange rates for USD to be 3.72 and for Euro to reach 3.99 as of July. Mr. BUYUKEKSI said the following: “This indicates that our exporters are using these rates for pricing and finance. Moreover, the survey shows that inflation estimate for the end of July is single-digit level while GDP growth is around 3%”


Main problems are VAT returns and deferrals in customs

The survey have revealed some problems Turkish exporters encountered. Mr. BUYUKEKSI said: “11% of our exporters said that they did not face any problems whilst exporting in the first quarter. But on the other hand, VAT returns, deferrals in customs transactions, volatile currency rates are among the issues singled out by the Turkish exporters. 


Increase in exports in May will be around 15%

The Minister of Economy, Mr. ZEYBEKCI, commented on recent economic developments, and said the following: “Turkey's exports will increase by around 15 per cent in May. Moreover, net exports will contribute to the GDP about 1.5 per cent”