Exporters Will Get Support to Increase Competitive Power

Vice Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek appeared as guest in Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) 'Extended Board of Presidents' and listened to problems and solution offers of exporters.

TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi shared his primary expectations concerning Eximbank Credits, KOSGEB supports and VAT returns in the file he presented to Vice Prime Minister Şimşek in order to smooth the way for exporters.

Vice Prime Minister Şimşek stated that he is informed of the problems and necessary actions would be taken in order to smooth the way for exports and to increase competitive power.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) hosted Vice Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek in its 'Extended Board of Presidents' February meeting. Presidents and vice presidents of exporters unions and TIM Sectors Council members attended in the meeting where they shared problems and solution offers in export. TIM President Büyükekşi presented the file that involves offers and expectations consisting of 150 clauses to Vice President Şimşek. Büyükekşi underlined his expectations especially concerning Eximbank credits, KOSGEB supports and VAT returns.

Büyükekşi opened the meeting by fiercely condemning the terrorist attack against security forces in Ankara and told “We will keep facing terrorism whoever it targets. These despicable attacks cannot prevent our struggle to bring in value to the world. They will just bring us closer to each other. May it be remembered that no matter how fierce a storm is, it can only move away dust from rocks”.

Primary demands were shared

Reminding 2015 export data in the meeting, Büyükekşi emphasized on global shrinkage and shared significant demands that were on exporters' agenda with Vice President Şimşek. Büyükekşi listed his primary demands as such:

“I would like to mention some of our recommendations that will increase our export fast and steadily: Eximbank credits are one of the critical subjects for our export. We believe that 1 year time extension in commitment and credit payments for the companies that suffer due to Russia and Iraq will be beneficial. In terms of companies that use credit via private banks, we are of the opinion that providing a chance of bridge credit over Eximbank will bring convenience to our companies to some extent.

Another demand is related to KOSGEB supports. In order for greater number of companies to benefit from these supports, we demand the upper limit to be raised from 40 million TL, which was established in 2012 in definition of KOBI, to 100 million TL. Another problem we would like to mention is; the problems experienced by our companies concerning size of scale. As a country, Turkey almost has an understanding that punishes growth. Our expectation is changing of our tax and social security regulation with an understanding that eases the burden on our companies as they grow.”

Büyükekşi also stated they cannot see an improvement in VAT returning process with exporters in spite of all the adjustments. Büyükekşi, pointed out that they are expecting moving on to a system that ensures demands for non-collateralized cash VAT return occur within 3 months maximum and demands for collateralized returns occur within a week as of delivery of letter of guarantee.

'Tourism Support Package' will affect country's image

Mentioning 'Tourism Emergency Action Plan Support Package', Büyükekşi yold “We know the strong country image of the package will support the image of strong goods and service and strengthen the perception of Turkish product. As TIM, we work for the same purpose with both “Turkey Discover the Potential”, our new Turkey brand, and “Turkish Perspective” journal.”

Reminding Turkey Trade Center projects as well, Büyükekşi laid stress on their plans to open in U.A.E., U.S.A., England, Germany and primarily Iran. Büyükekşi pointed out that they designated a place for Turkey Trade Center in Tehran, Iran, and that they will sign a protocol concerning this subject.


Companies will be supported for competition

Vice Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek mentioned the global problem of growth and emphasized that they are informed of problems of exporters. Stating that all kinds of support will be provided to exporters about the topic of Eximbank credits shared in the meeting, Şimşek told “We will discuss measures and supports that we will provide for our exporters on others subjects as well. I do not find it right to not provide certain supports due to growth of scale. We should help small companies to grow and support big companies. We will support our companies' capability to compete”.