Exports started 2017 with 49 months-high increase

Exports increased by 15% in January 2017, reaching 10 billion 528 million and 47 thousand dollars

Exports started 2017 with 49 months-high increase

 Turkish national exports have started 2017 with a record. According to TIM data, exports have increased by 15% in January reaching 10 billion 528 million dollars. This increase is the greatest change since November 2012.

In the press conference, TIM President Mehmet Buyukeksi told the following: “We announced 2017 as a leaping point for exports. We expect an increase in petroleum and commodity prices, decrease in export losses in Russia due to normalization of relations, and increase in petroleum exporting countries' imports”

Mr. Buyukeksi told that 12-months exports, starting from February 2016 to January 2017 increased by 1.8% reaching as high as 143 billion 588 million dollars.

Leading exporting sector was automotive in January with 2 billion 69 million dollars, while Apparel sector has conducted 1 billion 253 million dollars and Chemicals 1 billion 234 million dollars.

EU's share in Turkish national exports has reached 49.9%. Middle Eastern countries have 18.2% and African countries have 8.3%.

Exports to Russia has increased by 57%, highest level since crises. Fresh fruits and vegetables sector has increased its exports to Russia with 27 million dollars, almost half the increase to Russia. On the other hand, exports to Iraq has increased by 42.4%, which was mainly occurred due to increase in Jewellery, Fisheries and Animal Products.

Istanbul, still, is the most-exporting city in Turkey, followed by Bursa, Kocaeli, İzmir and Gaziantep. Increasing its exports by 268%, Sakarya demonstrated the best performance within the first 20 exporting countries.