“Exports will increase to 155 billion $ in 2017”

Turkish national exports increased in the last month of 2016 by 9.3% to 12 billion 817 million USD. Whole-year exports in 2016 has decreased by 0.8%, reaching 142 billion 610 million USD.


According to Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) figures, exports in terms of weight has increased by 4.1% in December, while automotive was again the leading exporting sector.


President of TIM, Mr. Büyükekşi told the followings: “we suffered a lot from parity, low commodity and petroleum prices, problems in Russia, Iraq, Libya and Syria a lot this year. We lost almost 8.7 billion dollar worth of export in 2016 due to these problems only. If these problems did not exist, we'd have exported around 150.8 billion USD with a 5% increase”


TIM President told they've declared 2017 as a leaping point for exports. Büyükekşi said they estimate the 2017 export figure as 155 billion USD, above the Medium-Term Program (OVP) level of 153.3 billion USD.

According to TIM figures, leading industry was automotive with 2 billion 348 million USD exports in December. 45.5% of all exports was conducted to EU countries, with 5 billion 619 million USD.


Germany is the leading export partner with 3.7% increase, while Iraq is the second with %59 increase, Italy the third with %12 increase, USA the forth with %8.7 increase, and finally United Kingdom is the fifth but exports to UK decreased by 2.8%.


The President finally explained the situation of Turkish exports in global markets. Mr. Büyükekşi told “we are proud to increase our share in global commerce from 0.87% in 2015 to 0.89% this year. Similarly we also increased our share in EU's imports up to 1.28%, while our share in USA's imports is as high as 0.29% this year, reaching the highest levels for all”