“Free visa to EU will positively affect Turkey-EU relations”

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) President Mehmet Büyükekşi stated that exporters are affected the most by the problems due to EU's requiring visa and expressed they have a favorable opinion of accelerating the process of 'free visa' on the agenda. TIM President Büyükekşi assessed free visa implementation as such:

“We express our gratitude to our Government, particularly our President and Prime Minister, who made a great sacrifice reaching this stage in free visa, for their intense effort and determined attitude. As TIM we believe that annulling visa requirement will re-increase our community's support to EU membership which decreased due to loss of trust and it will be a milestone that will make a great contribution to development of Turkey-EU relations positively.”

Reminding that goods can circulate freely but individuals cannot go to Europe without visa, Büyükekşi emphasized that Turkey broke a record by increasing its share in EU markets' total import to 1,21%. Büyükekşi notified that Exporters will be able to advance towards their targets with much firmer steps with the advantages of free visa both with their experiences and as irreplaceable players of EU market.