From darkness to light: July 15th

Non-Governmental Organizations consisting of TIM, ASKON, DEİK, Marine Chamber of Commerce, İstanbul Chamber of Industry, İstanbul Commercial Exchange, İstanbul Chamber of Commerce, MÜSİAD, TAMPF, TÜMSİAD and YASED issued a common declaration against the coup attempt on Democracy and National Willpower.

From darkness to light: July 15th

On the night of July 15th, Friday, our country experienced the darkness first, and then with a great belief, reached the light. 

From now on, July 15th is the day democracy has won, whose object is the nation. Today will be written in the history of not only Turkey, but of the world. In the assault of July 15th imed at great march of our country to democracy, every bomb dropped on the bridge, every bullet fired actually helped to uncover the dark plans of those who did these.

We do not recognize any willpower other than the willpower of the nation…

As the representative of the business world of our country, with the awareness that deepening of our democracy and strengthening of our economy is possible only with a civilian government, we know that interventions of non-democratic powers will first of all inflict great harm to the economy and will waste away all of our accumulations.

Attempts to overthrow the elected government will kill our democracy and economy. We stand against all kinds of ant-democratic attempts with determination. We condemn the coup plotters, support our government and we do not recognize any willpower other than the willpower of the nation.

Stability of the nation is the best response…

After tis treacherous attempt is put down, we believe that there will be positive reflections on our economy in the medium and long term. Because business world requires peace, trust and stability.

The events we have been through welded together all these components. The stability of the nation from every opinion gave the answer to those who say that stability will not be achieved only with the government, that there is a political risk

Strong national will power has shown that we can overcome all kinds of difficulties; the political and economic power of our country will increase many folds in the international arena.

We will continue to work and produce…

As the Prime Minister said in his declarations yesterday, the foundations of our economy are strong; our government, the central bank and related organizations have taken the necessary precautions. Turkey is a powerful country that manages to stand upright against global crises; it is a member of G20, candidate for EU, it has internalized free market economy and multi-party political system. Even if we feel negative impacts as the first reflex, the powerful image of our country will eliminate these negativities both in the domestic market and international markets in a very short time. Actually, as observed by the public, all markets returned to normal operation rapidly. From now on, we will continue to grow our economy by working and producing harder.


Now is the time for “common sense and law”…

Now is the time for the parallel terror organization member coup attempters to face the justice and to be condemned in the deep memory of the nation. We expect these traitors who designed this treachery plot to be judged within the law and be sentenced to the heaviest and deterring punishments. We want to have the word coup to be removed from the literature from now on.

While there is an appreciated approach among the parties in the parliament, making differentiation in the society will enable the terrorists to reach their goal. We have to act with common sense.

Day is the day of unity; thanks to our nation…

We wish Allah's mercy on our citizens and security forces who were martyred while protecting the national will and immediate recovery for the wounded persons.

Day is the day of unity. We extend our infinite thanks to our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and our Prime Minister and our government who owned up our democracy and gave courage to our nation with their determination, the member of Turkish Armed Forces, our police and our security forces who did not give support to the coup attempt and struggled against it, leaders of the party leaders who opposed the coup altogether, the responsible declarations of NGO's and anti-coup attitude of our press.

We will continue to produce and keep the sentry duty for democracy…

We, as the business world, will continue to produce and keep the sentry duty for democracy.


"Time to put stone on stone, work on work"

Economy World Consultation Meeting was organized on July 27th, 2016 Wednesday at Istanbul Conrad Hotel under the chairmanship of Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci with the participation of the chairmen of NGO's.

The meeting was attended by TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi, Chairman of Chambers and Exchanges Union of Turkey (TOBB) Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Management of Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TÜSİAD) Cansen Başaran Symes, Chairman of the Board of Management of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MÜSİAD) Nail Olpak and Chairman of the Board of Management of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) Başaran Ulusoy and representatives from many non-governmental organizations.

At the end of the meeting, which lasted about two hours, Minister of Economy Zeybekci pointed out that they have launched world-wide mobilization after the coup attempt and said the following:

"From now on we will put stone on stone, work on work."

“We came together with the leading chairmen of the non-governmental organizations related with economy in Turkey. We made evaluations on developments in and outside Turkey in the July 15th process. We made consultations about the situation assessment and what can be done together about the future. It has been a very healthy, very good meeting. Indeed, an image appeared at this moments that matched one-to-one to the unity and togetherness image of Turkey, the image of meeting and unifying around common values. I am very glad to feel the sincere unity and togetherness around our common values with the same feelings with all of our colleagues, chairmen of 15 NGO's. From now on we will put stone on stone, work on work.” 

"We started activities in many countries to prevent negative perceptions for Turkey."

TIM Chairman Büyükekşi pointed out in the meeting that TIM continued its activities with more effort after July 15th Terrorist Coup Attempt and summarized what they have done.  “We started activities in many countries to prevent negative perceptions for Turkey; we made organizations on various platforms in ten-fifteen countries including USA, Japan and EU”.

Headlines form Büyükekşi's speech are follows: 

·         First of all, with the press release we issued, we said “We are together with Democracy, National Will, our President and our Government”.

·         We issued another press release titled “The nation owned up its willpower and did not surrender to treachery”.

·         We posted a 160-square meter poster at our Foreign Trade Complex with the slogan “We are proud of our noble nation”.

·         We sent our Commercial Delegation to Panama and Guatemala; we informed that we will our activities without interruption.

·         We issued a press release in Istanbul with 12 NGO's with the slogan “From darkness to light”.

·         We issued another press release with the title “We continue from where we were left with more effort”.

·         We made a common declaration with representatives of 520 NGO's, Professional Organizations, Labor Unions and Confederations on July 20th at the Parliament against the coup attempt.

·         We began to send letters to 65 exporters for them to convey to their buyers outside Turkey. In this letter, we emphasized that Turkish economy continues to run as usual with all its institutions, even more efficiently, and nothing is different than July 14th.

·         We issued a declaration titled “Turkey is more hopeful for the future” with the chairmen and members of the management boards of 60 exporter unions.

·         We opened a “Support desk for problems caused by treacherous assault”

·         We sent letters foreign printed and visual media institutions that reach the whole world.

·         We sent a video message of 2 minutes duration to the exporters mail group of 110 thousand persons with the theme “no problem, keep going”

·         We sent a letter to the heads of all foreign missions in Turkey.

·         We sent letters to fifteen major financial institutions of the world including Fitch and Moody's on Monday telling them that there was no change in the dynamics of the Turkish economy.

·         We sent special messages to international business world (Germany, Turkey, England and France). A tweet was sent to Turkish users (business world between the ages of 30-40) titled “Turkey will keep you winning”.

·          We also sent foreign NGO's in the same manner to announce our attitude to the business circles in the world.

Büyükeşi also said that they will issue a special copy, related with the agenda, of “The Turkish Perspective”, TIM's periodical that is printed for 6 years and reaches hundreds of thousands of readers, in August.