Incoming Boost in Investments with New Legislation

A recent legislation has been published in Official Journal of Turkey and entered into force subjecting, “Revisal on Certain Legislations to Enhance the Investment Atmosphere”.

“35 new articles, which has updated the legislation, is going to create a boost on starting a new business, title operations, construction licenses and foreign trade operations” said, TİM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi as he underlined that most of the updates were prepared and presented to government by Turkish Exporters' Assembly.

According to Büyükekşi; the new legislation will diminish the storage costs in foreign trade operations. In fact, the new legislation will set a price ceiling on shipment, unloading and warehouse expenditures. Moreover, these revisions will accelerate our foreign trade figures positively. On the other hand, the duration for starting up a business and its transaction costs will significantly decrease with the application of this legislation. This will attract both the SME's and major corporations to invest in Turkey.

Büyükekşi finished his words as: “All of the Structural Reforms in investment and commercial activities will ease our path to our 2023 goals in our economy. I believe all of our efforts will yield their rewards by the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Turkish republic.”