Innovation sources champion of İnovaLİG 2016 which is held by Turkish Exporter's Assembly, Turkey's first one hundred percent homebuilt smart bus “Avenue IBUS”, within the scope of “Fikirden Girişimciliğe Yolculuk için Hazır mısınız?” is delivered with a ceremony held in Sabancı Center at 28 April Friday to Kocaeli University Teknopark.


Avenue IBUS, will give the students of Kocaeli University as they travels to 25 kilometers away KOU Teknopark campus a chance of experiencing the innovation.

Saying Avenue IBUS is designed especially for smart transportation in smart cities of today and future TEMSA General manager Dinçer Çelik expressed that “With Avenue IBUS, we aim to support the digital transformation of the transportation in city. In this scope, together with Defense Technology Engineering and Trade Inc. STM we collaborate in the project, Fleetics, the first product of V2SMART platform of which technology provides complete solutions for smart cities and digitalizes the transportation, is also put into practice with Avenue IBUS. With the vehicle, which we delivered to Kocaeli University Teknopark, we give the students, university and Teknopark personnel an opportunity of experiencing the smart transportation within the track between university campus and Teknopark campus.”

Fleetics; provides data about the real time performance tracing of smart buses and the spare part life before any breakdown. It also helps finding solutions about driver's behavior modeling, accident prevention, fuel saving, route optimization, increasing the occupant protection and decreasing cost in quite a few areas.  

TİM Turkish Exporter's Assembly's head Mehmet Büyükekşi indicates that Turkish Exporter's Assembly is giving support with the participation of İnovaTİM members and emphasizes that “Fikirden Girişimciliğe Yolculuk için hazır mısınız?” project is quite significant for Turkey.

Büyükekşi who personally congratulates TEMSA which is the first 100 % home produced electric bus also emphasizes that TEMSA is also the he champion of the last years İnovaLİG program and takes its reward from the president of the republic of Turkey and adds that TEMSA is using its resources efficiently by supporting and rewarding the in house entrepreneurs.

The head of the assembly continues his statement as saying “According to the 2015 R&D Center Performance Index, TEMSA ranked as the first in the automotive intellectual property competence. With the project management systems it has established, it applied resources such as “Open Innovation, Maker Lab, Digital Innovation Platform” to innovate solutions. As a result of these efforts, Avenue EV, which was introduced with ASELSAN, became Turkey's first 100% domestic electric buses. Turkey's first Smart Bus Avenue IBUS is now being presented to be experimented with even more advanced technology. Avenue IBUS will transform the ideas of the Smart City and transportation areas into entrepreneurship by bringing a different innovation experience to Kocaeli University students travelling to the KOU Teknopark campus, 25 km away from Kocaeli University. As TİM, we will continue to support such projects. There are nearly 2000 members of TİM in İnovaTİM clubs, which are established in universities throughout Turkey. As we know, the way of permanently and continuously increasing our exports is through R&D, innovation, design and branding. I hope that this awareness will spread to our young people and our children so that we will reach our country all together to the targets of 2023.”