Turkey-Panama Business Forum and bilateral business negotiations, which is under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy and TIM organization, held in Panama City, the capital of Panama on September 24-27, 2017.

20 Turkish business people operating in sectors of iron and steel, food, construction, textiles and ready-garment, electric-electronics, wood and forestry products and chemical products attended the forum and B2B negotiations. Mustafa ÇIKRIKÇIOĞLU, who is deputy chairman of TIM, was the Head of Committee.

Turkey-Panama Business Forum, organized with the participation of around 100 people, moderated by Jose GARCIA who is Board Member and Press Secretary of the Panama Trade and Industry and Chamber of Commerce (PANACAMARA - CCIAP) and in very effective and important position in Panama's business world and trade diplomacy.

The forum started with the opening speech of Manuel FERREIRA, the Director of Economic Affairs, PANACAMARA. Ferreira stated
that they were very pleased to welcome our delegation in Panama and he made a comprehensive presentation on Panama's economy.
Following FERREIRA, our trailer which included the general informations about Turkey's economy, foreign trade and the activities of the TIM,
was presented to the participants for the first time in a trade delegation.
After introducing our film, Mr. ÇIKRIKÇIOĞLU emphasized the economic and commercial development of our country in recent years.
He also stated that our country is the 17th largest in the world and the 6th largest in Europe, indicating that our trade volume in the white
goods and steel sectors and our brand value are well above world standards.

Emphasizing the strategic importance of Panama to world trade, ÇIKRIKÇIOĞLU stated that Panama Canal and its development project is a great advantage for world trade.

ÇIKRIKÇIOĞLU underlined that our bilateral trade decreased materially in 2016 compared to 2013 and we aimed to reach prior level. In this context, he indicated that this delegation will be successful like the previous one and our bilateral trade will increase.

Finally, H.E. Deniz ÖZMEN, Our Ambassador to Panama, continuing to speak by thanking our parliament, gave detailed information about the opportunities of the Colon Free Trade Zone.

Following the end of forum and family photo ceremony, B2B negotiations between our company representatives and Panamanian business people were started. In B2B negotiations attended by 70 firms from the other side, about 250 business connections were held between our companies and Panamanian business people.