“Neither ratings, nor any other thing will slow us down”

The Chairman of the Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM), Mehmet BUYUKEKSI, commented on Moody's recent assessment of Turkey's credit rating. According to Mr. BUYUKEKSI, Moody's decision to change Turkey's credit rating from stable to negative does not correspond to the Turkey's economic outlook.

In 2016, Turkey witnessed a slowdown in economy due to reasons beyond her control and hence, the government took steps to revitalize the economy, to lessen the tax burden, and to generate additional job placements. Mr. BUYUKEKSI expects a double digit increase in export rates in March and regards the recent assessments of credit rating agencies as untimely and hyperbolic. He stated that “none of these news will demotivate us and exporters in Turkey will step up their efforts to generate more employment opportunities whilst increasing Turkey's export.”