"Our activity in Gaziantep will find its voice in England."

In the conference TIMAKADEMI organized in Gaziantep on May 3rd with the '10 provinces 10 countries' program, the foundations were laid for the cooperation between Gaziantep and England. Gaziantep, which was in search of alternative markets due to the developments in the Middle East made a permanent cooperation with England, which has a market of 600 billion dollars, thanks to this project. The conference was organized with the cooperation of TIM and GAİB and it was attended by Ministry of Economy Mustafa Elitaş and chairmen of chambers of commerce from other countries as well as representatives and ambassadors.

"Our activity in Gaziantep will find its voice in England." 

TIMAKADEMI Target Market Meetings organized in relation with matching Gaziantep with England in line with 2023 targets: TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi, who pointed out in England market meeting that Gaziantep is an important player in exports, said “Gaziantep is an important player for us. We believe that the industrialists and businessmen of Gaziantep will be effective in England market and they will achieve the set goals. Our activity in Gaziantep will find its voice in England”.

GAİB Coordinator Chairman Abdulkadir Çıkmaz said that England is a difficult market, but the people of Gaziantep always overcome the difficulties successfully, they take the England market seriously for the set goals and they want to make exports worth 1 billion dollars among the 2023 targets.


GAİB Coordinator Chairman Abdulkadir Çıkmaz stated that Gaziantep selected England as the target country, which is a difficult market of 600 billion dollars, and he believes that Gaziantep must grow in England market; he added that 2023 target set for England is 1 billion dollars. Çıkmaz underlined the fact that Gaziantep came to an important point in exports and said that all kinds of works will be performed to achieve the 1 billion dollars target, sectoral visits will be organized and delegations and activities aimed at England will be increased. In his assessment Chairman Çıkmaz said the following:

“South Eastern Anatolia Exporters Unions is one of the important unions of our Turkey. While the rest of Turkey was in minuses in exports, despite all the incidents in our region, despite all negative events in our neighbors, we increased our exports 2.6 percent. I hereby thank all my industrialist brothers, all my manager brothers who worked for this result. We are focusing on England as a difficult market at the target market of South Eastern Anatolia Exporters Unions. As the union, we are planning to grow in England market in 2016 and 2017 and to make the targeted exports from the England market. In this context, we selected England as the most difficult market in the activities carried out by TIM”.

The meeting was organized in the South Eastern Anatolia Exporters Unions building and was attended by, in addition to TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi, Turkish English Chamber of Commerce and Industry Management Board member Enver Kannur, Economist Prof. Dr.Emre Alkin, Arçelik Deputy General Manager Ragıp Balcıoğlu, Former London Commercial Head Consultant Yavuz Mollasalihoğlu, TIM Secretary General Dr. H. Bader Arslan, Vodafone Turkey Corporate Work Unit Executive Board Deputy Chairman Engin Aksoy, Halkbank Deputy General Manager Erdal Erdem, UPS Marketing Director Caner Tek, Coface Turkey Management Board member and CEO Emre Özer, South Eastern Anatolia Exporters Unions Coordinator Chairman Abdülkadir Çıkmaz, GAHİB Chairman Salahattin Kaplan, Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Union Chairman Sami Konukoğlu, Crops, Pulse Vegetables, Oily Seeds and Products Exporters Union Chairman Mahsum Altunkaya, GSO Chairman Adil Konukoğlu, GTO Chairman Eyüp Bartık and great numbers of exporters, industrialist and businessmen.

At the end of the meeting, plaques were presented to bodies and organizations that supported the activities and to TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi.