Our exporters are in South America. Route: Agentina

Turkey-Argentina Business Forum and bilateral business negotiations, which is under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy and TIM organization, held in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires on April 22-25, 2018. Süleyman Kocasert.

13 Turkish business people from 12 companies, operating in dry fruit, construction, automotive supply industry, machinery, electric-electronics, motor vehicles, air-conditioning, plastics, tobacco and household electrical appliances sectors participated in Turkey-Argentina Business Forum. Süleyman KOCASERT, who is Deputy Chairman of TIM, was the Head of Delegation.

  Argentina Chamber of Commerce (CAC) and Argentina Importers Association (CIRA) was our partner organizations in Turkey-Argentina Business Forum which opened with the opening speech of Ruben Garcia, President of the CIRA

Garcia, stating that Turkey is a very important player in the international market, said they attached great importance of the development of relations with Turkey.

Garcia: We speed up training and R & D operations to better adapt to the international marketplace

He also added that with the adoption of Argentina's liberal foreign trade policies, they have accelerated their training and R & D workings in order to integrate the international market faster and have expressed their cooperation with the largest universities in the country.

Afterwards, the promotional film about the economic and foreign trade data of Turkey and TIM, reflected on the cinevision screen, also received great applause and appreciation from the participants.

Following the video presentation, Deputy Chairman Süleyman Kocasert firstly celebrated the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day in the beginning of his speech and told about TİM activities.

Kocasert, who gives important information about foreign trade data and potential products between the two countries, emphasized that our firms are the biggest importers of our country as much as they are exporters.

Afterwards, Kocasert stating that the primary goal is to increase bilateral trade, he underlined that we wish to fulfil true potential of bilateral trade of Turkey and Argentina as our President clarified at previous visit to Argentina.

Kocasert: “High customs duties, non-tariff barriers and bureaucratic regulations are obstacles to trade development.”

“I believe in the business negotiations to be held in Buenos Aires, important business contacts will be established between the largest companies in Argentina and Turkish companies. But unfortunately high customs duties, non-tariff barriers and bureaucratic regulations are obstacles to trade development” Kocasert said.

Thereafter, Meral Barlas, Ambassador of Buenos Aires, informed the all participants about the bilateral trade and political and economic relations between two countries and called on our exporters to come to Argentina more often.

After the business forum which ended with the gift ceremony and group photo, B2B meetings session started with the attendance of 13 business people from 12 Turkish companies and 45 Argentinean companies. During the section, around 100 business meetings were held.

Collaboration of TIM-CAC: MOU was signed

While the B2B meetings are in progress, Süleyman Kocasert held a courtesy visit to the Argentina Chamber of Commerce (CAC) and held a meeting with Dr. Jorge Luis Di FIORI, the President of CAC

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed to increase the relations between TIM and CAC in the meeting where Meral Barlas, Ambassador to Buenos Aires, also participated in.