Shell Eco-Marathon in Turkey for the second time

The second Shell Eco-marathon of Turkey, one of the most important engineering competitions of the world, will be held on 7, 8, 9 October in Istanbul, TEA Foreign Trade Complex in cooperation with Turkish Exporters Assembly (TEA) and Shell Turkey and Uludag Automotive Exporters Association (OIB). In his opening remarks, Dr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, stated that we exceeded one percent of the national income for the first time in our history with the TL 18-billion Lira investments in R&D last year.  

“Shell Eco-marathon”, which has been organized by Shell for 31 years on global scale in order to encourage the young people worldwide to design and produce energy-saving innovative vehicles, will be held in Istanbul, TEA Foreign Trade Complex on 7, 8, 9 October. 13 teams and about 200 students will participate in this competition from different high schools and universities of Turkey.    

Dr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, made a press statement before the competition and “I believe that this competition is very important for Turkey which is densely populated by young people. Young generation is very successful in using technology and I am convinced that they will be as much successful in producing technology. As Turkey, we would like to have a strong voice in the field of innovation. We have made considerable investments in science and technology. We made TL 18-billion investment in R&D last year and this rate exceeded one percent of our national income for the first time in our history.” said the Minister.   

Ahmet Erdem, Shell Turkey Country Chairman, also delivered a speech in the press meeting and said that “We feel the pleasure of organizing the Shell Eco-marathon in Turkey for the second time with a view to contributing to development of our young people in the field of technology and innovation. We are hosting one of the most important student-innovation competitions of the world in Turkey, with the support of TEA and OIB and we have made a very critical social investment for the future of our young generation. I would like to thank to TEA and OIB for their support. For 11 years, young population of Turkey has been taking part in Shell Eco-marathon organized in Europe and representing Turkey. 16 Turkish teams attended the competition this year in London and recorded important successes and filled us all with pride. We are of the opinion that holding this global competition in Turkey will make an important contribution to the success of our young population in Europe. We are proud of not only the degrees they hold but also contributions of Shell Eco-marathon to their skill development. They gain experience in many fields ranging from technical skills required for design and production of vehicles to finding financial resource and managing the budget, communication skills and team work as well as project management. I would like to thank to all academicians and institutions that support ambitions and development of our young people and congratulate all our young friends.”  

Stating that students are completely responsible for production and design of the vehicles, Erdem said that “Shell Eco-marathon is a very important experience for our young people in many fields ranging from technical skills required for design and production of vehicles to finding financial resource and managing the budget, communication skills and team work, project management as well as all safety rules. With 16 teams, Turkey was among the countries which showed highest participation in Shell Eco-marathon Europe this year. I see that our young population attaches very much importance to Shell Eco-marathon.”

Mehmet Büyükekşi, Chairman of Turkish Exports Assembly, said that “In Turkey, more than 16% of our population consists of individuals between 15-24 years old. So we have almost 13 million young people, which is a huge rate. On country basis, it is more than the total population of 20 EU States. That is to say, a dynamic population with high technological productivity is critically important for reinforcement of our economy. I would like to address our young people: Do not stop; increase technological productivity within the framework of R&D, Innovation, Design and Branding.

Emphasizing that they expect $23 billion export income this year, Güven Özyurt, Deputy Chairman of Uludag Automotive Exporters Association, continued his statement as follows: “Many Turkish exporters undertake new vehicle projects and reach to customers all over the world, mainly in Europe. Quality level of the Turkish automotive sector and technical level of the production has come to an important phase. And the way to the high added value in export is passing from the R&D and Innovation. We really care about the second Shell Eco-marathon Turkey because just as you seek ways to go longer distances with different fuels, we also need you to go further in the area of export. You are our fuels. On the top of that, we need more energy and more young people and engineers to work in this field.”

The Turkish Exporters Assembly, which started important projects for development and spread of innovation studies in Turkey, and Shell, one of the companies with the highest innovation investments in energy sector, carried a global student-innovation competition to Turkey and provide an important contribution for our young population. Organization of this competition in Turkey helps the Turkish youth develop in the areas of engineering, innovation, energy and automotive technologies and reach more successful results in the global scale Shell Eco-marathon competition.

Teams who become successful in Shell Eco-marathon Turkey competition will gain the right to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe to be held in London in June 2017 and have the opportunity to compete with their peers from 26 European countries. Competitions will continue on 8 and 9 October. Winners of the competition will receive their awards during Innovation Week to be organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly on 8, 9, 10 December.  

Shell Eco-marathon Turkey keeps receiving awards

In recent months, Shell Eco-marathon Turkey project was deemed worthy of Golden Award in “Communication/PR Campaign-Events and Ceremonies of the Year” category under Stevie International Business Awards, which are among the most prestigious awards of the business world in international platform and for which more than 3000 candidates are competing from about 60 countries. Before Stevie Awards, the Shell Eco-marathon Turkey project was awarded the “Golden Globe” in Event Management Category, by leaving many international brands behind, in the Golden Globe Awards organized by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) for 26 years and known as “Oscars of the public relations sector”. 

About Shell Eco-marathon:

Shell Eco-marathon is one of the most important student-innovation competitions of the world organized every year in Europe, America and Asia. Under the competition, young people between 16 and 25 years old try to cover the longest distance with the least energy by using the vehicles they personally design and produce. Teams who get over the longest distance with 1-kWh energy or 1-liter fuel with their creative designs and technical know-how will be awarded.

Teams participate in the competition under two vehicle categories named Prototype and Urban Concept. Prototypes which reflect the automobiles of the future consist of the vehicles with creative design. Urban Concept vehicles get inspiration from conventional vehicles and their outer appearance looks like the automobiles we use in our daily life. In order to feed the vehicles, diesel, petrol, liquefied natural gas (CNG), fuel derived from natural gas (GTL), ethanol as well as such alternative energy resources as hydrogen and electricity can be used in the competition.  

Teams have the opportunity to win also off-piste awards under the categories of Design, Innovation, Communication, Safety and Team Spirit

The vehicle which won the Shell Eco-marathon competition organized for the first time in France in 1985 managed to cover 680 km with 1-liter petrol. Today, in addition to increasing the efficiency so much more, teams even design and produce vehicles with 3D printers. In fact the last champion of Shell Eco-marathon Europe can cover 3,771 km with 1-liter petrol. In other words, the champion vehicle which holds the record has the fuel efficiency enough to go Antalya from London.