TIM President Mr. Mehmet BUYUKEKSI has commented on the practice of the government to award successful exporters with Green Passport, which was approved by the parliament earlier and the details were released by the Minister of Economy Mr. Nihat Zeybekci last night. TIM President stated the following:

“We, as TIM, have offered a 22-item package to our government earlier in order to improve national exports. Green Passport was one of the most important items in the list. We've been looking forward to the developments about the case. We hope the practice to have a positive effect on exports. Our exporters, representing Turkey worldwide, will gain momentum in visa procedures, especially with the European Union countries, where we make almost 50% of all national exports. Another positive effect is to award the sustainable and successful exporters. Passports will be delivered to the managers of the companies who have been exporting more than 1 million USD, and do have exports for all the last 3 years. The number of green passports will be increased depending on average export value of the company. Representing our country in all the continents and 249 countries/regions, we believe our exporters will mobilize easier with their green passports, and the national exports will increase considerably."