Startup İstanbul organization, which has stamped last four year with the speakers directing internet sector and new internet enterprises and hosted more than a thousand guests and more than 500 entrepreneurs with the Strategic Partnership of Turkey Exporters Assembly, has started by the opening speeches of President of TİM Mehmet Büyükekşi and Prof. Erhan Erkut from MEF University at UNIQ Hall İstanbul.

Starting his speech by one of the tweets of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which is: “Entrepreneurship is an indispensable part of being young.” Prof. Erhan Erkut explained the sentence as:

“Right now, we are producing 75% of the world's hazelnut demand. However, this does not match the value of the IPhone we imported. Turkey standing at the 6th place at the list of countries which has fiscal deficit. Closing this gap is not possible via hazelnut export, we need to produce products with more added value and high technology. Another reason of President's tweet is the high unemployment rate among the young. Our NEET rate, meaning the young who do not work or study, is higher than the world average, which is an important social risk. All the answers for these problems direct us to only solution: entrepreneurship.”

During his speech at Startup İstanbul 2017 evet, TİM President Mehmet Büyükekşi declared our goal of increasing Turkey's share in world trade to 1,5% and making Turkey a place among the top 10 economies of the world. “It is not possible to reach those goals without R&D, innovation, design, branding and entrepreneurship.”

Stating that an-eight-year perspective has been made up at a workshop in 2015, Büyükekşi: “We determined important goals at the workshop in Sapanca in 2015, and we want to make turkey and İstanbul a leading entrepreneurship hub in the region. Besides that, 20% of our exports should be made up by startup businesses and we should have a place among top 10 in global startup ecosystem.”

Moreover, President Büyükekşi announced that Turkey Innovation Week, which is organized by TİM for 5 years, has been altered into “Turkey Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week” and Turkish entrepreneurs will be carried to global arena.”

Founder of Draper University, award winning Entrepreneur Tim Draper emphasized on that a successful entrepreneur may come across with numerous failures on his/her way, during his influential speech. “After the 2008 crisis, as a society we noticed we are doing somethings wrong. Getting 100 point from an exam means not doing any mistake. We first need to change this, because it is not possible to make innovation without making mistakes. The only thing you need to do is keep trying. You need to follow the vision you catch and continuously improve yourself and your work.”

Increasing Attention to Turkey by Startup Businesses from Whole World

Considering Startup İstanbul, Founder of Etohum Burak Büyükdemir stated: “There is an increasing attention to Turkey by startup businesses from whole world. We have the chance of observing this up close. Startup İstanbul organization have been applied by 21.000 person from all over the world. We need to turn this into an opportunity. We can make İstanbul a significant entrepreneurship hub. We can benefit our economy with the high value added enterprises we discover here.”

Entrepreneurs, with their aim of creating future technologies in a variety of areas, sweat over taking a place in the finals through 2-days-training and gradual eliminations. Winners will be announced at the finals on 23rd October.

More than 50 speaker and 500 investor came together at Startup İstanbul 2017. Many of the world's leading entrepreneurs like 46th best graduate of Harvard award winning Tim Draper, one of the first investors of Tesla, world-famous innovation and strategy consultant Dan Toma, founder CEO of Test My Pitch Bill Kenney, Techstar, which has too many experience in mentoring and investing in Startups in Europe, Entrepreneur Eamonn Carey, General Director of The Abraaj Group Omar Syed, Author and entrepreneur Amal Dokhan took place in the event.

About Etohum

Etohum, which was founded by Goril A.Ş in 2008, is an investment company pursuing to bring together successful entepreneurs who create added value in the fields of internet and technology and companies, angel investors and professionals. In accordance with this purpose, Etohum started to organize large scale events like Startup Turkey and Startup Istanbul. Etohum also provide the entrepreneurs, who have new business ideas and wants to establish their own companies, capital, management, marketing and consultancy and mentoring service. With the Investors Club accredited by Undersecretariat of Treasury at 2013 Etohum, as being the leading accelerating program and early stage investor of Turkey working for to increase the number of internet companies and improve the ecosystem of internet in Turkey.