The Chairman of TİM, Mehmet Büyükekşi shared a message about the military operation to Syria's YPG controlled Afrin Region

“May God (Allah) help the Turkish Armed Forces in the “Olive Branch” military operation, which is based on Turkey's fully legitimate international rights and launched in order to clear the terrorist elements that threaten our country's security and rescue the people of Afrin from the pressure of these terrorist organizations and neutralize the threats against the lives of our citizens. The prayers of our 80 million citizens are with our soldiers, and as always, we trust our heroic armies to the last. We are in support of this operation because Turkey's aim is not to damage Syrian territorial integrity. On the contrary, we would like to contribute to peace, and prosperity in our region. With this operation, the incoming threats through this line have been stopped. We hope that with elimination of the terrorist organizations, peace will flourish once again in the region.”