The Enterprise Digital Transformation Award of the Year goes to TIM

SAP, which has an important role in the fields of enterprise applications and software, brought together the public sector with technology in the SAP Forum Ankara.
TIM won the Enterprise Digital Transformation Award in the SAP Forum Ankara.

The public and business world came together at the SAP Forum Ankara, which was held at JW Marriott Hotel Ankara on 15 March with the theme of Smart Institutions.

SAP, focusing on the digital transformation enabling more intelligent services and products to the customers, has shared the successful SAP application projects with the customers, pioneering the digital transformation revolution of the public sector.

The added-value of the digital transformation was explained in the SAP Forum Ankara as well.

The Turkish Red Crescent Chairman Dr. Kerem Kınık made the opening speech in the SAP Forum in Ankara.

SAP projects and inspirational success stories realized by TİM, TOFAŞ, Akfen Holding, Güvenal Gaz, Bereket Enerji, İETT, İGDAŞ, Merih Elevator, Türk Telekom International, Üstünberk Holding and many other leading companies were also shared with participants.

SAP's solutions with the most innovative technologies were exhibited in the SAP Forum Ankara experience areas.

Participants had the opportunity to experience the industry 4.0, Internet of Things platform, procurement platform and SAP Digital Factory solution integrated with service management platform and next-generation digital learning platform called as SAP Learning HUB.

Institutions were rewarded

"The SAP Project Awards of the Year also found their owners with the ceremony held in the SAP Forum Ankara.

TIM has received the Corporate Digital Transformation Award of the Year, the Turkish Red Crescent has Social Responsibility Award of the Year, İGDAŞ has Energy Sector Digital Transformation Award of the Year,The Technology Transformation Award of the Year has gone to TOFAŞ, the Industry's 4.0 Award of the Year  has gone to Üstünberk Holding, the Private Sector Digital Transformation Award of the Year  has received by Güvenal Gaz and the private sector the S/4 HANA Transformation Award  of the year has received by the Merih Elevator.

TIM Information Technologies Coordinator Demir Murat Aksoy noted that "Exports are of great importance in terms of increasing the global competitiveness as well as strengthening our country economically.

TIM has a large organization which has 13 general secretaries and 60 exporters' associations, representing more than 70.000 exporters and employing about 1200 personnel,

The main mission of our organization is to carry out activities aimed at increasing the exports of our country and therefore acting as a unity with its own unions and units is of great importance for TIM.

With this target; we are proud to be able to realize the modules of our SAP enterprise transformation project, which we did kick-off in early 2017 for the main purpose of  achieving an integrated central single software and hardware infrastructure."