Turkey-Brazil Business Forum and bilateral business negotiations, which is under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy and TIM organization, held in commercial capital of Brazil, Sao Paulo on March 13, 2018. Mehmet Bülent AYMEN, who is Audit Board Member of the Assembly and the Member of Logistic Sector, was the Head of Delegation.

27 Turkish business people from 21 companies, operating in food, textile and raw materials, apperal, fruit and vegetable products, medical, cement, machinery, mining, petrochemistry, olive and olive oil, chemical materials, aluminium, electric-electronic, cleaning materials, kitchenware, iron-steel, and electronic equipment sectors, participated in Turkey-Brazil Business Forum.

The forum started with the opening speech of  Roberto Ticoulat, Vice President Sao Paulo Chamber of Commerce which is counterpart of Our Assemby in the conference hall of Chamber.


                TICOULAT, began his talk by thanking Our Assembly and our Sao Paulo Consulate. He underlined that there is a strong relationship with Turkey and Brazil and as two regional powers, they made substantial progress along with the economic and commercial achievement. He added that Turkey is a great country respected all over the world.

Deputy Chairman indicated that Turkey is a significant player in the international market and they attached great importance to relations with Turkey. He emphasized they have followed Turkey's transactions of regional integration especially with EU. “Brazil, the largest economy in South America, has been the 5th largest economy in the world with the success it has shown in recent years. The Sao Paulo Chamber of Commerce, in which 450 chambers of commerce in Brazil are represented, has a big share in this success. Today, I believe that important business links will be established between Brazil's largest companies and Turkish companies” he said.


Serkan GEDİK, Consul General of Sao Paulo, said despite of high foreign trade volume between Turkey and Brazil, Turkish companies are not sufficiently well known in the Brazilian market. He stated that Brazil's business community has big potential so such trade delegations are very important for the development of bilateral trade relations at all.

He also emphasized it is important that all the NGO's of Turkey which are under coordination of Minister of Economy should be represented gathering under one roof in Sao Paulo.

                He also underlined that, after such trade delegations, they were ready to give full support as a Consulate General in their individual business trips to Sao Paulo.

                After Consul General's speeck, Our Head of Delegation, Bülent AYMEN gave important information about foreign trade between the two countries and potential products in his speech, which he started by introducing our Assembly. Continuing the speech, he stated that they wanted to increase exports to Brazil and that foreign trade would have a more balanced structure in this way.

                He also spoke of the difficulties in trade between the two countries, emphasizing that higher tariffs should be drawn to more reasonable levels and that non-tariff barriers should be lifted.

                Afterwards, the promotional film about the economic and foreign trade data of Turkey and TIM, reflected on the cinevision screen, also received great applause and appreciation from the participants.

                Finally, Sao Paulo Chamber of Commerce Economist Ulisess GAMBOA made a presentation on Brazil's macroeconomic indicators, economic and commercial reforms and investment opportunities.

                THE MOU WAS SIGNED

                At the end of the Forum, Bülent AYMEN and Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Sao Paulo, Roberto TICOULAT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

After the business forum which ended with the gift ceremony and group photo, B2B meetings session started with the attendance of 27 business people from 21 Turkish companies and 80 Brazilian companies. During the section, around 200 business meetings were held.

                Bülent AYMEN held a courtesy visit to the Federation of Industrialists' Union of Sao Paulo (FIESP) and held a meeting with Elias Miguel HADDAD, one of Sao Paulo's most important businessmen, as well as the Vice President of the federation.