Over 1,000 companies are expected to apply to InovaLIG 2018, Innovations Champions League that TIM will organize the fifth of the program this year. Companies can participate the program without paying any fee. The application deadline for InovaLIG is March 10, 2018.

As the representatives of seventy thousand exporters, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), which believes that the most important way of increasing the exports of high value added products passes through innovation, is organizing the fifth of the Turkey's first innovation development program InovaLIG this year

In 2014, InovaLIG was carried out for the first time, 460 firms have applied, this year exceed 1000 companies is expected to participate.

TIM Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi stated that the innovation has become indispensable for the companies that will compete in the global markets and said that the InovaLIG program they started in 2014 is welcomed with more interest every year and that very good results have been achieved. Büyükekşi said that, "440 companies applied in 2014, this number rose to 488 in 2015, to 761 in 2016 and to 971 in 2017. We expect this year's attendance will exceed 1000. Companies will compete in 5 main categories as Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organization and Culture, Innovation Cycle, Innovation Sources, Innovation Results based on IMP3rove methodology as in the past years. The IMP3rove method is being used on a global scale as a methodology based on measuring work done for the gain of innovation management and systematic innovation competencies. With this methodology, it is targeted that innovation for the participating companies, is not just a result; must be a structural process that brings sustainable and repeatable awards"

How do the process work?

Companies wishing to take part in InovaLIG will be able to pre-register for the program at without paying any fees. After the pre-registration period, applicants will fill out the questionnaire to be sent to them.

When the participating company fill out the questionnaire correctly, a 100-page innovation report is being prepared for each. This report, worth € 350, will be sent free of charge to all participants. This report is a comparative report comparing firms' own competencies to similar ones in local and international markets. With this comparative report, companies are able to evaluate themselves in 5 categories. A total of 25 companies, including the top five in five different categories, will qualify for semifinals based on IMP3rove Academy reports. Semi-finalists will make 5-minute presentations about the innovation management approach to the Grand Jury. As a result of these presentations, the first 3 companies in each category will be determined.

Awards will be given in Turkey Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week

TIM Chairman Büyükekşi stated that TIM is giving great importance to the development of innovation culture and that it aims to spread this culture up to the SMEs with the works TIM have done. TIM Chairman Büyükekşi, continued his words as follows:

"Innovation is able to accomplish to succeed together. For this reason, I would like to thank all of our companies for their encouragement and perseverance to succeed. In addition, on behalf of all of our exporters, I present our gratitude to our Chairman, Prime Minister, and Government, who guided and supported us in this process. Our Chairman, who personally attended all the Innovation Week events until this day, gave their awards to the InovaLIG champions of the last four years from their own hands. I hope the Chairman will be able to make us even stronger by attending this year too.

Pre-registration is free, deadline is 10 March 2018

Last year, Farplas (Innovation Strategy), Arzum (Innovation Organization and Culture) Temsa (Innovation Cycle), Turkcell (Innovation Resources) and VSY Biotechnology (Innovation Results) were the winners. Evteks won the SME special award given for the first time in the last year.

TIM Chairman also said, "I believe that the number of this year applicants will be able to come out on 1000 easily, I wish success to all companies participating in the competition."

Companies wishing to take part in InovaLIG will be able to pre-register for the program at without paying any fees. The deadline for pre-registration is March 10, 2018.

We wish you good work


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InovaLIG Champions of Last 4 Years

Innovation Strategy Category:

2014    : Arçelik

2015    : Kordsa Global

2016    : CMS

2017    : Farplas

Innovation Organization and Culture Category:

2014    : İnci Akü

2015    : İETT

2016    : Ford Otosan

2017    : Arzum

Innovation Life Cycle Category:

2014    : Vestel

2015    : Sigorta Bilgi ve Gözetim Merkezi

2016    : Genomize

2017    : Temsa

Enabling Factors (Innovation Resources) Category:

2014    : TEB

2015    : Mir Unique Solutions

2016    : Temsa

2017    : Turkcell

Innovation Results Category:

2014    : Labris Networks

2015    : TEKLAS

2016    : VSY Biyoteknoloji

2017    : VSY Biyoteknoloji